Chapter Four

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I sat on my new bed after unpacking and after a good shower.

I was in my sleeping shorts and a T-shirt. I tied my hair into a bun and put on the TV.

It was past seven pm. There was still a hell of noise in the hallway. Boys were still around and the freshmen were excitedly walking up and down, chatting while admiring their new environment.

I picked my school timetable and looked at it.

Apparently we had meals at nine in the morning, two in afternoon and eight in evening. Nice. At least I would have something to eat. Luckily we were gonna have dinner that night. I'd not eaten the whole day.
I watched TV till eight. I heard the other girls and some boys that still hung around, leave for dinner.

I got up and adjusted. I wore my thongs(slippers) and left the room. My short was baggy and reached my knees. I pocketed my hands and left my room.

As I locked my door, my neighbour came out of her own room.

"Hi." she smiled, locking her door, "You're my neighbor, huh?"

I looked at her but didn't really smile back.

"Yeah, I guess."

"I'm Moe. Short for Monica." she stretched a hand out. I hesitated but then shook her hand.


"Wow. Rare name. You're a freshman right?"

"Yeah. And you?"

"Senior year."

"Oh, okay."

"Welcome. See you later." she smiled and walked away. I shook my head and followed the crowd.


We left the dormitories and headed for the big cafeteria building.

We walked through the lighted streets of the campus. We were many as a lot of boys left their own dormitory and were heading for the cafeteria too.
I was on my own, not wanting to make any new acquaintance.

There was a lot of fidgeting as we moved. A lot of laughing, discussing and so on. Many were in groups and some in twos. I guessed they were mostly second and third year students or freshmen who met with some of their mates from highschool. I couldn't meet any of my mates. I was the only one who'd applied for Greenwill university. The rest had applied for other universities.

I was about to enter the building when a sudden group of laughing boys pushed one of their friends playfully, causing him to push me in return and walk on my foot. Luckily I didn't fall.

The boy whom they'd pushed turned to me and the smile on his face faded.

"Oh, I'm so so sorry." he stated while his friends still chuckled at him.

I gave him a nasty stare and he stepped back.

"I'm sorry. Once again."

I rolled my eyes and entered the building. As I entered, I heard one of the boys speak;

"Woah. The look she gave you."

I ignored them and went to join the line. From their appearances, they were clearly as young as me. They were freshmen too. Fresh from you highschool.

I finished my plate of spaghetti with total satisfaction. The meal was great. I did not have a covered bowl to take the food back to my room so I ate in the cafeteria with a few others.

I got under the covers for a good night's sleep. The next day was going to be course registration. I already had in mind, what I would be studying.

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