Chapter two

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We strolled through the busy and lighted city of New York, with chips in our hands, munching and laughing, satisfied with our earns.
We visited a few fun areas like fairs and casinos without ever buying anything or playing any game.
At six pm, as we left the fair, we passed through a bridge. As we walked, we noticed a white guy sitting on the bars of the bridge, water far beneath his feet.

"Isn't he scared?" Yasmin asked me.

"You're asking me? Maybe he's just taking some fresh air."

Yasmin smiled at me.

"How bout one last pickpocketing?" she giggled and I laughed.

"Please yourself, girl. He does look like some rich kid."

Yasmin turned to him. He was on the other side.

"Hey!" she yelled and he turned, "You trying to die??"

The guy shook his head.

The guy shook his head

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"Nope. Taking some air."

She looked at me.

"Lemme go get his wallet." she whispered and crossed to go meet him.
At that moment, my phone rang. It was King, my boyfriend. I picked it up.

"Hello, baby."

"Hello love. Whatup? Checked on you today but your momma said you were out with Yazz."

"Yeah. Paper hunting as usual."

"Baby I told you, you can always get money from me."

I rolled my eyes.

"You know I like to be  independent. You know that. I look for ma own money. Even if I gotta steal it. And plus, I don't want the money you get from selling all that dope."

I heard him sigh

"Why you keep acting like what I do is wrong, sweets? It's the business."

"I didn't say it was wrong. What I do too isn't better. But I prefer you avoid drugs."

"I sell them. I don't take them."

"Yeah right. Just remember that this is your last chance."

King was someone I really appreciated but I hated the fact that he took drugs. There was a time we broke up because of it. When he sniffed some, he was very violent. Once he even beat me up under the influence.
I forgave him because he'd begged for forgiveness. And I told him that if he really loved me, he would try to avoid it.

"I know. I love you, Harl."

"I love you too. See you tomorrow." I hung up and Yasmin came over. The boy was still sitting on the bridge.

"You got it?" I asked her.

"Nah. Decided not to steal it."

"Why?" I asked amused.

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