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Before, we would eat candy we collected throughout the night while watching a horror movie, sleep over at his place, and then leave. That was our special Fight Night at Will's, which eventually collided with booze and became Hells Down, Bottoms Up about three years ago during sophomore year.

Mr. and Mrs. Danvers never really minded Wilson's partying habits as long as he didn't get in trouble with the cops. The first couple of years we always got busted, though. Nothing major, but he had no intention of receiving a third strike and community service if they found out one more time.

Especially after the poodle incident. To this day, I still never got around to how the hell Snowball, Will's neighbors' dog, had ended up on his rooftop. Poor thing survived the night there.

Instead, to avoid things like that, Jared suggested we moved the parties to Will's lake house, alternative his parents seemed to be thrilled with since they didn't have to expose their house to drunk teenagers anymore. Lake Michigan would shelter us from the cops, and if anything happened, they would simply say they had no idea on the matter.

Their parenting skills were more than horrible, but Will took advantage of their apathy.

Sometimes I thought that the only reason he started turning the parties into bigger ones as time went by was because of the lack of involvement his parents had in his life. Reason why he would turn to Jared sometimes, the only one who knew as much as he did about having shitty—

"Well, well, if it isn't Ms. Rhodes my eyes are feasting on," Will's voice derailed my train of thought completely, and it sounded like he had something in his mouth. "Where's Jared?"

"He was looking for you last time I saw him, actually," I said, pushing the Jagger bottle further into the countertop so that no one too drunk was able to walk by and drop it. I looked back at him and found Count Dracula, the usual. "Where's Hunter?"

Will smirked, flashing his vampire teeth at me, and taking them out. His voice came out properly this time. "He was looking for your pretty face last time I saw him. Why the interest, though? Are we looking at a potential mate? Friends with benefits? Boyfriend?"

My eyes rolled. "How about friend?"

"Like you don't notice the sexual tension between you two," he said, and before I could retaliate, one of the girls—I reckoned she was a freshman—bumped against me. I fought my urge to laugh when I noticed the costume she wore. It was exactly what Will had wanted me to wear.

She carried a small tray with tequila shots, which spilled slightly upon impact. Will took one and handed me the other. "You're into him, he's into you. So I say: do him. Cheers."

I stood there for a second, watching him empty the shot glass. "He told you he was into me?" Did he talk about me with Will?

"Ask him yourself. He's over by the bar in the living room. Meanwhile, I'll go look for Jared." He put the plastic fangs back in and flashed another smile at me before walking away.

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