Falling for My Fear -1

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This is an old story, one of my first. I still like the idea of the story, but it slowly going to be edited and maybe slightly adpated as I feel like certain aspects of the story were underplayed. I hope you enjoy it though.

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“Are you sure we’re safe here Mercy?” Evan asked her for the 100th time.

“Yes Evan. I’m sure. This is the only place you will be safe.” Mercy replied. She knew what Evan was like; he wasn’t doing to be annoying. He was doing this because he was worried about my safety. I haven’t had the best history so it was understandable why Evan was worried. I was scared.

My name is Samantha Porter and I’m a witch. Evan is my older brother by 3 years. He is also a witch. We were on the run for 1 year and 6 months, never having an actual home. It wasn’t safe to, we had to keep moving. Until Mercy came alone; she is also a witch. She found us running from the person who we always run from. Jason Markus, my ex. He’s wasn’t the nicest boyfriend I’ve ever had. He is the only boyfriend I’ve ever had. He was very possessive of me and never let me go anywhere without him. I did find it weird at first but then I got blinded by love. I fell in love in with him… It was a stupid mistake. Jason, he’s a werewolf. But the thing is? He tried to kill me, he wants me to so badly that no-one else can have me.

He is my fear. I fear for my life, Evan’s life and now Mercy’s. I don’t know what to do; we’re going to live with the wolves. The problem with that is that I’m terrified of them now, ever since Jason changed right on top of me when I was 14 nearly 15. I couldn’t bare to be in the same room as one because I would go into a fit of panic, it just wasn’t safe for me or them. Mercy said that they would never hurt me. They won’t even talk to me if I didn’t want them too. But you can’t control your fear can you?

“Sammy, you ok?” Evan ashed from the front seat. I nodded of course I was; I had to be. This needed to work, it wasn’t fair on my brother to keep running.

“Sam they won’t hurt you, I promise.” Mercy said with conviction in her voice, she can always tell when I was worrying or had something on my mind.

“I know,” I whispered to her, she sighed and silence fell in the car. Evan kept shooting worry glances my way. Sometimes I have these panic attacks, which do not help with my powers. I have the power of electricity. It was a very unpredictable power and with my panic attacks, it wasn’t safe.

The car pulled over into a big driveway that could fit about three or four cars. She had mentioned that the Pack was pretty rich, I didn’t care about the money though. Evan and I were used to living off the bare minimum. She stopped the car, turning the engine off and turned to look at me. Her sole attention on me. 

“Sam, if one of them says something to you in any way that upsets you- tell me or Nate.” She said in a strong voice. She was sure that no-one would hurt me here but she said she couldn’t help but worry. She knows my panic attacks can be set off by the smallest thing.

Nate is her mate, well apparently. They knew each other when he wasn’t the Alpha of the Redstone Pack. He asked her to marry him ages ago and she said yes, but then left in the middle of the night. She said she just panicked and couldn’t marry him then. But nowshe was back. I don’t know how Nate reacted but I believe he was happy to see her, no-one could blame him. Mercy was very a lovely woman. I don’t know what has happened to lead her back to him but whatever it is, it has to be something serious. All I know is that she trusts him with her life, and ours so he must be okay.   

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