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When I started writing in a serialised form I never had an endgame in mind: I was just going one chapter at a time. In the case of A Day of Faces, sixty chapters later I had a complete book, which rather surprised me. You can read that book here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/35978309-a-day-of-faces-complete-novel

My process of on-the-fly writing and publishing was always an experiment, especially in terms of the end quality of the book. People seem to have enjoyed it, which is lovely, and it helped me be more productive as a writer than I'd ever managed previously in my life. Hopefully this guide will help others benefit from similar tactics.

There's not much left to share, other than to keep going. By the time you finish your serial you'll probably already have ideas for where to go next. Give yourself a break and consider exploring some alternate venues for your newly-completed story - ebooks, or self-published print, or an audiobook version. Even if you've had success on Wattpad it doesn't mean that any of those other platforms will work especially if you try charging, but they can't do any harm and might snag some extra readers who wouldn't normally check out Wattpad. A decent source for information on building your author platform can be found over at The Creative Penn website.

If you're in the UK, hopefully I'll catch you at a future Wattpad convention. Do come and say hi. And please do leave me a comment here if you start writing a serial, especially if this guide helps at all (or even if it doesn't). Or you can find me on Twitter @tarnimus or over at simonkjones.com.

As always, many thanks for reading. I'm currently ten chapters into my new serialised novel, The Mechanical Crown, which will be the real test of whether the preceding chapters are insightful or a load of one-off lucky breaks. Check it out here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/88905112-the-mechanical-crown-updated-weekly

Thank you for reading! If this guide helps your writing, you can buy me a coffee here: http://ko-fi.com/simonkjones  

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