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The Star Pirate's Folly by James_Hanlon
The Star Pirate's Follyby James Hanlon
Set after the postwar collapse of an interstellar empire, a young orphan girl embarks on a quest for violent retribution. Six years old when her mother was killed, Butte...
How To Write Serialised Fiction by SimonKJones
How To Write Serialised Fictionby Simon K Jones
Love writing but find it hard to finish projects? Looking for a new approach to telling stories? Embracing serialisation can help you be more productive and get more rea...
The Proteus Trilogy: Book One: Warrior by gabriel_nelson
The Proteus Trilogy: Book One: Gabriel Nelson
A teen called 1498 is raised in a place called the Research Center. He's trained to fight, and as time goes on his skills are put through tests, each one more difficult...
The Star Pirate's Return by James_Hanlon
The Star Pirate's Returnby James Hanlon
Cut off from everything she knows, Bee must face a terrifying new reality far beyond the edge of civilization. Without the help of Captain Anson or his crew, she'll have...
Please Marry Me Again, Husband by ssueeyyyy
Please Marry Me Again, Husbandby sumeya ismail
A webnovel by Rana In the middle of a sea of yellow flowers in the garden is my husband, Kardi. "You told me you liked these flowers before." A sweet man who...
Parable by 1the2universe3
Parableby Nourdean
So...let me start at the beginning: Hi, I'm Parable, a bit of a weird name, but please bare with me. I barely remember anything, I've been exiled out of resources, and I...
Tales of the 35th Century by draa02
Tales of the 35th Centuryby J. Moss
Exciting science fiction, serialized into short parts. Action packed tales set in the 35th century, during the 'Space Crusades' which pits Earth against independent plan...
Remember Me by YasinGhannam
Remember Meby Yasin
And you say you want to exude? You want to escape? Well do escape! And forget you ever championed the weak Or those who lay below And when you return home You'll see I s...
welcome to your life by hafuwoz
welcome to your lifeby Haise's Music Collection
a story about a guy falling down to hell after buying a book. i marked this as "short story" but this ought to be "flash fiction". afu has to die onc...
I Know Germs Aren't Immortal by lilbitoshortstuff
I Know Germs Aren't Immortalby Amanda Spicer
A look into the day to day life and memories of an immortal germaphobe
Romantic Bones by ShellLorenzo
Romantic Bonesby Chel Lorenzo
This is a fast paced story of Keira Corpuz and Gregory Griffin. How they defy gravity although attraction proves inorder to resist they have to turn their backs but as...
Story of My Life by Zai545
Story of My Lifeby Zai
A story about a man who has an 26 different personalities. "I'm comfortable when I'm alone." Writing in Script style.
Agent Orange - Inconsequential by ShaneDT
Agent Orange - Inconsequentialby Shane
Taking a break to finish up a novel I've been working on. Not sure when I'll get back to this. If you like it let me know and that will encourage me to continue.
Amderesta The 4th Republic #10. by pretribbeliever
Amderesta The 4th Republic Daniel Zazitski
After a decade long conflict against the STPLA, the 4th Amderestan Republic finds itself committing more forces alongside the Alcasian Republic in an effort to stave off...
Descent into Infinite Mysteries by ThiccNerd
Descent into Infinite Mysteriesby Thicc Nerd
Joseph Watanabe, the world's greatest martial artist's mysterious disappearance leaves the underground world in turmoil and his family's legacy tarnished. Eight years la...
Los Angelinos by tchristophermiller
Los Angelinosby tchristophermiller
The novel Los Angelinos A cybercriminal repents with maturity, though she is followed by her professional life of crime when she ascends in the 'straight' world. She mus...
My Corona - a love story by Coronalovestory
My Corona - a love storyby Andy Potts
Kalina is just minding her own business, getting ready for graduation, running her environment club at school, and debating over which college to attend in the fall whe...
The Inheritor of Light by OathAlliance
The Inheritor of Lightby Ben Corum
New part every Monday and Friday! Reader Discretion Advised: moderate violence/gore and minor language. In all the tales, a princess in peril is always rescued by a knig...
butler of Francisco family by feather_pen_06
butler of Francisco familyby robert Beramina
riko was a new butler of the Francisco family his mentor jin Gonzalez was assign him to protect and serve his new master, but the only problem was his new master's attit...