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Pen Your Pride

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Jake offered me a ride home but I declined. It takes about 20 minutes to reach home and I decided to jog. Cold wind whipped my face as I broke into a run. Running always helps me when I get frustrated.

The sky overhead was turning a bit greyish signalling the oncoming of rain. Cold wind softly touched my cheek making me remember last night............... 


Chapter 3

Having special skill and not using them really sucks. And no I am not talking about 'spacing out' skills (according to Jake I am an expert at it). people may sneer at me, make fun at me and laugh at me but they don't know what I have in order to keep me going. Sure Bethany makes my life a living hell and its really hard to keep my punches intact but something stops me every time. To know that I am not her. And to hit her would be a total waste of time as well as energy. She is just not worth it. 

Yes it may sound lame and stupid but that is what keeps me going. I have cried a lot in my life but wasting my tears over someone like Bethany is simply not worth it. She is a worthless piece of trash. And me? I know that I could never stoop so low as her. That I am much more special and that I deserve better. Hitting her would make me somewhat like Larry. Yes I call that man who is supposed to be my father by his name. He doesn't deserve to be called a human. He is a murderer and everyday I am haunted by that fact that his blood flow in my veins. And hitting somebody even if its Bethany would make me like him.

So moral of the story, I ignore her. But that doesn't mean I am weak. Fighting that man yesterday night was simply fantastic. A smile creeps up my lips as I recall yesterday night. I was attacked.................................Oh wait not me. Eris was attacked. Not this sweet nerd girl who gets bullied everyday and still does nothing about it. She is confident, fearsome and powerful. The other version of me. A totally different version. No one dares to touch her or speak against her. For they fear her wrath. And those who go dare to go against her, they find themselves in the hospital with all their bones broken.

The goon who tried to attack her last night met his fate. He must be writhing in pain. Serves him right. But Eris was accustomed to such people. She was the queen of underground fighting. Till date she had not lost to anybody. But some people had difficulty in accepting their defeat. Egoistic jerks. Shamed by the fact that they were defeated, by a girl nonetheless. And so they sought revenge in their sick ways.

Not that I am complaining. After witnessing my mothers death in front of my eyes, being subjected to such violence and hatred from Larry, always being called a freak and a loser in school, I was filled with overwhelming anger. I remember that I used to shout and scream at this unfair world. I cried all day. Aunt June used to hide all the knives, forks or any sharp objects to prevent me from commiting suicide. The pain was driving me insane. My soul was dead like my mother. And then one day I saw Jake.


Jake was quite small then and was surrounded by boys. They were bullying him. It was like seeing myself in his shoes. Unable to stop myself, I tried to stop them from bullying that boy. But it was futile. They laughed and one of them tried to push me. I bit his hand and punched him. He howled in pain. Seeing that all the others shouted names at me and one of them tried to hit me, when suddenly Jake's big brother suddenly came from nowhere and stopped all of them from hurting me. He was like magnificent and just by the sight of him all the boys ran away. He then looked at me. At first looking at his angry expression I thought he was gonna hit me but then his features softened and he smiled at me.

Flashback ends.

After that day Jake and I became friends. His big brother taught me how to fight. He even introduced me to underground fighting. Not that I was allowed to fight their since I was small. But the sight of it simply fascinated me. Only until I turned sixteen, I took part in all those fights. I am the youngest over there, but right now the strongest. And I am prod of it. Fighting there helps me keep my anger in control. I take all my anger over there. It helps to keep me sane. 

I did not even realise it when I reached home. I was greeted by a very wonderful smell. Cookies! I quickly skipped to the kitchen and found my aunt baking her special cookies! Yum! My favourite!

As if sensing my presence, Aunt turned around and smiled at my excited face. "Go and freshen yourself Eve. I made them specially for you". She said pointing towards those yummy looking cookies.

"Okay!" I squealed excitedly. Today was my lucky day. Aunt surely knew how to cheer me up. I washed my face and hands and quickly sauntered towards kitchen. "Here take it." Aunt offered me some and I happily munched them.

Suddenly outside clouds gathered shadowing the streets and thunder boomed. Aunt looked outside and exclaimed "I think you should not go to Jake's house today. It seems its going to rain."

"But I have to Aunt June. You know that every Wednesday I go there." I replied.

Aunt sighed as she knew I was not gonna budge and agreed, "Okay darling, but be back home early and remain safe." She kissed my  forehead and went to the kitchen.

"I will' I said and went to my room. I lied to her when I said I was going to Jake's house. Yes, I am going to be with him but at the fighting ring. Today was Wednesday and every Wednesday we went to that place. And I don't miss this opportunity for the world. My stomach tightened with anticipation as to what is going to happen today. After so long I feel the thrill and excitement flowing through me.

Today Eris will rule and there is no one to stop her. Today, I am going to be powerful again.This nerd girl will not exist tonight.

As if on cue, thunder and lightening lashed outside as if to announce the arrival of the fearsome Eris, the goddess of destruction.


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