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"Mom! Why can't I have that doll? I like her so much. Why can't I have it?"  

"I am sorry sweetie, but we can't afford it. Your father will not like it. He wants to save every penny since he doesn't have a job"            

 "but I want it  so badly. Everybody has one. Even Sammy!!! and she never lets me play with it!!! she is so meany!!! Please mom!!!

"I am sorry honey...But we can't do this. You know your father won't like it. Maybe next time....

"No, no I want it!!! I hate you mom!!!"

"I am so sorry sweetheart, but..oh here comes your father..."

"Dad!!! Dad!! I want a doll!! Everybody has it, just not me!!! please dad!!!

"Go Away stupid child!!! How dare you ask me for a doll!! You are nothing!!! You...

"NO!!!! Not Eva Larry please!!! Don't beat her!!!"

"How dare you stop me!!! You have become too much of a problem!!......

"Dad! Dad! Mom, Mom...please dad don't beat her...Mom..Mom...wake up!!! MOM!!!!"


I watched as my mom started fading. I desperately tried to hold her but it was all futile. With tears in my eyes I vaguely felt someone was shaking me...

"Eva! Eva wake up!!! Come on!! WAKE UP!!!"

 I slowly opened my eyes and jumped up. I looked around to myself in my bed and sitting beside me  was a very worried aunt. 

"Hmm...What happened?"

"You had a nightmare! Gosh! Are you alright? I am so sorry Eve!" my aunt asked and I could see worry in her eyes.

"yes..I am fine." I said with my voice shaking. This dream seemed so real. I could still feel my mother's dead and haunting eyes  in front of me.

"don't worry, aunt June. I am really fine. Just a bad dream but I'll get over it. I should hurry getting ready for school. Jake will be here soon!"   I somehow sapt out and tried to smile but failed. My aunt saw my  pathetic attempt but thankfully decided to drop the subject.

" Altight darling. Get ready fast." Sighed my aunt and with this she left.

I fell back on my bed and tried to close my my eyes. But it was of no use. The images of my mother from the dream were still dancing in front of my eyes and they seemed so real and I felt I could touch them. Whatever thoughts I had about getting over my mother's death, crumbled to pieces. I still felt the chills whenever I thought about my seven year old facing my father's murderous temper and my mother beaten to death. Sighing I got up and staggered  towards bathroom. 

I looked myself in the mirror but it was not pretty sight. My hair was all bird's nest and i half expected to find some eggs.. My face was deathly pale. My eyes were completely red and I realised I had been crying in my sleep. There were also dark circles under my eyes. I completely looked like a ghost.  Starting the shower at cold, I hoped to step out from my sleep. The cold water woke me up completely. After a little while I wrapped myself in a towel and got out. The cold water helped me out of my sleep but  now I was shivering.

I got dressed in a record time of 5 minutes in my favourite black T-shirt and jeans, tied my hair in a ponytail and put my glasses on. Putting my shoes on I looked myself in the mirror. I did not look like a zombie but my pale face and slight dark circles were still there. Without bothering about makeup which was totally alien to me, I slung my backpack and went downstairs. My aunt had gone to work already. My appetite was gone so I took an apple from the dining table and went to the door when suddenly....


The door suddenly opened and my instincts took control. I threw my half eaten apple on my attacker out of sheer reflex only to hear his 'oomph', punched him in his gut and kicked his shin, only to realise that my 'attacker' was my best friend Jake and he was sprawled on the ground muttering all the curses about which I will spare you the details! Hey! what can I say!! 

"I am so sorry Jakey-Jakey!!! But theres this awesome thing I read somewhere...Its called knocking the door properly and taking your friend to school like a civilised person without booing in the middle......" I apologised even though I was trying my best to control my laughter.

" What the HELL EVA!!!! " Jake said, his voice between whimper and anger.

"You certainly know how to be civilised to your friend who helps you in so many ways you can't imagine!!! Kicking me nuts!!!  Very grateful of you! 

"Shut up! Scaring your friend isn't helping me at all! Now get up cry baby, we will be late" I said trying to sound serious...well trying anyway....

"She kicks me, punches me, and evn throws her apple on me and then she calls me a cry baby! How awesome friends have I got!" Jake muttered and got up at super slow speed. This earned him my death glare, which by the way very...deathly......and he hurried towards his car and we sped off. 

Looking at the scenery zooming by, last night dream slowly started to make way in my mind.  Shaking myself, I tried to think about something else. My mind drifted towards school and I cringed.....

I don't like schools, especially mondays....

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