5. High Times and Low Times

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[Yesterday 11:51 pm]


Dean: The hell?

Dean: Are you high?

Callia: NO.

Callia: Maybe?

Callia: I'm surprised you even care enough to ask.

Callia: Or talk to me for that matter.

Dean: You're right.

Dean: Go home and sleep it off, whatever it is that you're on.

Callia: I'm not on anything. I just had a little, tiny drink of something that my friend was having. Friends are so nice to have. You're my friend, Dean-o.

Dean: Oh yeah, I'm sure it was a tiny drink  

Dean: And you're babbling.

Callia: I am not.

Callia: Shut your mouth.

Dean: I didn't say anything.

Callia: Liar. You're a liar, Mr. LIAR PANTS.

Dean: Okay, you really need to go home from wherever you are and sleep this off.

Dean: Or at least stop texting me.

Callia: So rude, jeezzz.

Callia: Do you remember the first time we talked? It was over pie or something like that, I can't remember the details.

Callia: But it was funny, cause you really wanted that pie.

Dean: I'm surprised you're still typing in complete sentences.

Callia: Hmmmm. That's a good thought question there. You're smart.

Callia: I bet in real life, you're really smart and really pretty. 

Dean: Well, you're not wrong there. 

Callia: I KNEW IT.

Callia: Dean, do you get supperr annoyed when I message you?

Dean: To put it simply, yes.

Callia: But whyyyyy? 

Callia: I'm not fun? Is that it? 

Callia: Because I can be fun. I can be lots lots of fun.

Dean: Oh I'm sure you can be, but not when you're drunk. 

Dean: Seriously, go ask your friend to take you home. 

Callia: Fineee. You're no no no fun anyways. 

Dean: Oh, well don't worry, I'll have a lot of fun bringing this conversation up to you tomorrow morning. 

Callia: M'kayyy. 

Callia: De. De. I'm goin crassh, cattchh meee when I faaalll.

 Dean: That's nice, sweetheart. Have a good nap. 

[Today 11:37 am]

Callia: ....

Callia: I hate my life so much. Kms, I don't even know what to say.

Dean: I do. 


Callia: I hate you so much. 

Dean: You gotta admit, it was funny.

Callia: Haha for you maybe. I want to crawl into a hole and die. 

Callia: God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to throw all... Whatever that was... On you. I wasn't even thinking. 

Dean: Nobody thinks when they're drunk.

Callia: That's true...

Callia: But still, I'm so so sorry. I really don't have words to express what happened last night.

Dean: Well, on the bright side, you called me pretty. 

Callia: Stfu, I didn't mean it.

Dean: Mhm, did you really? 

Callia: Shhhh, I was drunk. Drunk me is very much different from sane me. 

Dean: Oh yeah, I've noticed. 

Dean: I still think it's funny that even when you were drunk, you somehow typed in complete sentences for the most part. 

Callia: I dunno how to explain that, to be honest. I was wondering that myself.

Callia: I guess even when out of my mind, my proper grammar doesn't fail me.

Dean: Guess so. 

Callia: Do you know how many times I want to correct you for your grammar? 

Callia: It's like, almost all the time. 

Dean: My grammar isn't that bad. 

Callia: Ahah, I beg to differ. 

Dean: You're just making fun of me, aren't you? 

Callia: Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. 

Dean: .... 

Dean: Fine then. I see how it is. 

Callia: Good, I'm glad you see. 

Dean: Jeez, when did you become a bit of a smart ass? 

Callia: Since yesterday night. 

Dean: Well, that makes sense. 

This is a very crappy update in my opinion, but it's an update, so yay.
Go Juls for finally finding motivation to write. Yayyyy. -She says sarcastically-
Oh, and I'll hopefully have another update coming soon for Text so there's something to be joyous about.
Happy reading, loves.

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