1. The Unknown Pie Lover

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[Today 2:48 pm]

Unknown Number: Don't forget my pie, Sam.

Unknown Number: And none of that 'cake and pie are the same thing' crap, I know the difference and you should too by now.

Callia: I dunno who Sam is, but if you're wanting pie, I'd gladly get you some.

Callia: Because, strange pie lover person, you seem have a deep connection with pie. A girl can admire that. From afar, that is.

Unknown Number: Are you mocking me?

Callia: No, I'm not that mean, I promise.

Callia: But seriously. Wrong number. Sorry to disappoint you.

Unknown Number: Not at all. I'll take you up on that pie offer if Sam doesn't bring me one.

Callia: Deal, I suppose.

Unknown Number: Awesome. Well... I'll just leave you alone. Sorry bout this.

Callia: Nah, it's fine. I like talking to new people. Most of the time. But you don't seem like a mass murderer or anything, so I think we're good.

Unknown Number: I'm not. I don't know you, you could be the mass serial killer for all I know.

Callia: Mmm, well you'll just have to find out, won't you?

Unknown Number: ....

Unknown Number: I like you. You're funny.

Callia: I feel special now, Mr. Unknown Pie Lover.

[Callia has changed Unknown Number's name to Unknown Pie Lover]

Unknown Pie Lover: Please don't tell me that's a nickname.

Callia: It's a nickname.

Unknown Pie Lover: No. No. I'm done, bye.

Callia: Okay then. Bye.

Callia: Mr. Unknown Pie Lover. ;)

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