2. Introductions from a Pie Lover

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[Today 6:22 pm]

Callia: Oi. Oi. Oi. Oi.

Unknown Pie Lover: Can I help you?

Callia: Yes. Cure my boredom.

Unknown Pie Lover: What are you, five?

Callia: No. I'm- I'd rather not tell you my age.

Unknown Pie Lover: Please don't tell me you're under 18.

Callia: No. I'm not a friggin' child. Although I act like it sometimes. According to my brother, at least.

Unknown Pie Lover: Yeah. According to your brother. That I don't know. I feel so reassured.

Callia: Shut up, I'm adorable.

Unknown Pie Lover: That just makes things more uncomfortable since I don't even know you!

Callia: Well let's change that.

Callia: Hello, I'm Callia, you can call me Cal, and I like pie, Netflix, social media, and you.

Unknown Pie Lover: ... I don't even know you.

Callia: You said that already.

Unknown Pie Lover: Exactly.

Callia: Rude. Anyways. Come on. Tell me about yourself.

Unknown Pie Lover: I can't believe I'm doing this, but I figure if I don't talk, you'll annoy the hell outta me.

Callia: You are correct, Mr. Unknown Pie Lover.

Unknown Pie Lover: Please don't call me that.

Callia: Too late.

Unknown Pie Lover: God. Why do I even try?

Callia: I'm flattered. But I'm not God.

Callia: But please, I'd like to get to know you. I'm getting tired of your contact name being Unknown Pie Lover. Although, it's an amusing name.

Unknown Pie Lover: The hell, you even put it as my contact name?

Callia: Yes. Now stop stalling and tell me about yourself.

Unknown Pie Lover: Fine. I'm Dean, I like pie, my car, classic rock, and my little brother.

[Callia has changed Unknown Pie Lover's name to Dean.]

Callia: You like your brother? Like in... Like, like?

Dean: What the hell, no, not like that. What's wrong with you?

Callia: I'm just checking. There's people out there that ship stuff like that, just saying.

Dean: Yeah. I know. Don't they know that they're related?

Callia: I dunno.

Callia: Anyways. Moving on.

Callia: Nice to meet you, Dean. Can I call you Dean-o?

Dean: NO. That's a big no, I don't need more nicknames.

Callia: In that case, I'm going to keep calling you Dean-o.

Dean: Dammit.

Callia: Hah. You're funny, and you cured my boredom. Thanks.

Dean: You're welcome?

Callia: Did you ever get your pie?

Dean: Actually I did. Sam was gracious enough to buy me one.

Callia: Well that was kind of him. What kind of pie was it.

Dean: Blueberry.

Callia: That's a good one. I personally like apple the most.

Dean: I'm good with any, honestly.

Callia: They're all pretty yummy.

Dean: Yeah.

Callia: Whale. My phone's 'bout to die. See you on the other side. And pray that my phone makes it.

Dean: Why would I do that?

Callia: You, sir, are rude. Like. Jeez.

Callia: See ya around, Dean-o.

Dean: I'm never going to get over that nickname. It's gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.

Callia: You will appreciate that nickname for the rest of your life or so help me, I will hunt you down and force you to like it.

Dean: You don't even know where I live. And I'm pretty sure you couldn't even pin my down, let alone force me to like that nickname.

Callia: Don't underestimate me.

Callia: I. Will. Find. You.

Dean: Okay, I'm leaving now before you try to scare me even more.

Dean: Which you're not, by the way.

Callia: Mhmmmm. I'm sure.

Dean: ... Shut up.

Dean: Bye.

Callia: Bye, Dean-o.

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