Chapter 29:Attempt at Victory

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We wake up and I'm in pain. We all eat fruits and left over meat. I can't stand the pain of my hand and I want to finish it off.

"We need to end this. Now" I say "Someone needs to win" I take out my knives.

"Or no-one at all" Katniss states feeding wood into the dwindling fire.

"I have knife tip poison we could all kill ourselves" I say pulling it out.

Every one jumps up and we each take a knife and dip it into the poison.

"On 3" I say, taking a deep breath for effect. I look over at Cato and feel tears forming, we didn't even get to have a wedding, eventually have children. Life is so horrible.


Just as we're about to thrust knives with poisoned tip into our chest the Announcers voice starts "Stop" he continues

"Ladies and gentle man. I give you the 74th annual Hunger Games Victors. Clove Sevina, Cato Hadley, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The hovercrafts will arrive shortly" he finishes. And shortly it was, because a minute or less later it was hoisting us up and to the Capitol.

We arrive in a daze but I must have fainted.

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