Chapter 22: Day 9

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We awake in the late morning. We go hunting and retrieve 2 birds and 3 rabbits. We cook and enjoy the meal. After we're done we pack up and leave the boy from 3 to guard our stock.

We head into the woods and Marvel says, "Hey look fire up ahead".

We all run towards it but there's no one there. 

"There's another" I exclaim and we run to it. No-one's at this one, either.

"They must be moving or..." Cato starts. We hear a loud explosion. Cato and I head towards the sound while Marvel searches for the tribute who's lighting the fires.

"What could have happened?" I ask while we run to the source of the sound.

"I don't know, but it's not a tribute boom" Cato responds.

We exit the woods and see that the 2 stock piles of food and equipment have exploded. Cato walks over to the boy from 3 while I search for any remains. I find only the remnants of some cans of fruit. A couple are still good so I put them in the bag and continue searching.

I look over to see Cato fighting with the boy from 3.

"What did you do?" Cato asks.

"Nothing, no-one came over" the boy responds.

"Well your little invention must have worked to well" Cato says furious at what has happened.

Cato grabs the boy with one hand on his head and the other on his neck an CRACK... the boy falls dead and 2 canons go off. Then another.

"Wonder who that was?" I say. Then I realize it could be Marvel or someone else. I run away looking for him.

"Marvel? Marvel!" I shout. I run into the forest and see him laying on the ground half-dead.

"Marvel? Come on Marvel... Let's go" I sputter, teary eyed.

"Clove" he whispers almost inaudibly.

"Yeah. What?" I ask now holding his hand gently.

"Win for me and Glimmer." He starts "I kno-"

His canon goes off. I sit next to him until Cato comes to comfort me.

"Come on, Clove" he starts rubbing my back gently "they went to a better place". I get up not before placing my a jewel from the bracelet in his lifeless hand. We walk together back to the Cornucopia to find more remains.

"Now we're down to just you, me. Thresh, Katniss, and Foxface." Cato announces. We forage more to find some remaining supplies. We find a mace the cans I found and some tubs of medicine. Luckil we kept our weapons on us, so we don't worry about that, much.

The rest of the day is not that interesting.. Me and Cato find shelter up a tree over looking the lake. We strap our selves to the tree and fall asleep.

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