Chapter 18: Day 1

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Before I even know it I'm sprinting to the knives. I grab them and stick them in the 15 slots of the jacket.

There is a boy in front of me and I throw a knife at him in the back. He's dead.13 canons goes off, which means 13 are already dead today. I killed a couple others and almost killed fire girl.

"We should set up camp" Cato states. He has chosen to be leader and no-one argues. I could but that would be weird. "You and Glimmer pile supplies. Separate food from weapons from medicine" he now directs his attention to me.

"Marvel and I will set up camp" he states.

Glimmer and I take all the stuff from the Cornucopia and divide it.

"Done, Cato we should divide the weapons so every one has something." I state.

"Great idea" he replies. We separate all the weapons. I get all the knives (about 45), Cato all the swords, Marvel gets spears and Glimmer gets bow and arrow. The rest is stock piled with the medicine. The boy from 4 joins us later.

"Can you protect our food" Cato asks the boy.

'Y-Yeah I-I c-can" he stutters.

"And if anyone gets hurt or we get robbed we will all take turns ripping you to shreds" I add a smirk growing on my face.

"Let's go tribute hunting and find lover-boy" Marvel states.

'"I'm right here" Peeta exclaims.

"What took you so long?" Cato asks, bitterly. 

"I found water so I got some just in case" Peeta replies.

"Now we need to wait for it to get dark so we can find the idiots who leave fires at night" Cato states.

We wait until it's dark and they have passed the 'fallen' in the sky. District 3 female, D4 male, D5 male, D6 male and female, D7 male and female, D8 male and female, D9 male and female, D10 female and that's it.

We set off to find tributes. I believe it was D4 female who left a fire going. I sneak be hind her. Cato on one side, Marvel on the other and Glimmer in front. Peeta just stays back.

"Hello" Cato says in an ominous voice. "How are you doing?"

'P-plea-se d-d-don't k-kill m-me." she stutters.

"It's too late for that" Cato states. He plunges the sword into her chest and she lets out a blood-curdling scream before falling to the ground. We all leave and then...

"Did anyone hear her canon" Marvel asks.

"Now that you mention it no, did you kill her Cato" I ask.

"You guys all saw that. I stabbed her through the heart. She's gotta be dead" Cato responds angrily.

"Enough I'll go check" Peeta states. He walk back and we hear a canon. I'm surprised he would speak up, especially to the Careers. He returns and we all head back to camp.

We all head to sleep on either side of the embers. Me and Cato next to each other and Peeta near to us. Marvel, Glimmer and the boy from 4 on the other side.

I fall blissfully to sleep. A sweet dreamless serenity. Not really.

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