Chapter 1

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Hello, my gorgeous reader!  So, many of you have asked me for more to read, and although I don't have new stuff for you at the moment, I do have this story.

Feather Light is only the second book I ever wrote - my regular readers will see the difference between the quality of my writing now and how I started out back then - but this is a story I always loved.  The story is told from the perspective from the main characters, Keira, Leigh and Noah, and these three are some of my all-time favourites to write.

I've always been obsessed with the idea of wings and flight; for as long as I can remember, I've had vivid dreams of flying, so real, I wake up and don't believe that it didn't actually happen.  Given that no one has created artificial wings that work yet (Falcon, anyone?), I channeled all of my own hopeless desires for winged flight into this tale.  I hope you enjoy my feathered friends - much love and happy reading,

xxoo Kate

I stood on the wrong side of the balcony, holding the railing behind my back, my balance the only factor between me and a forty story fall. The ledge beneath my bare feet was so narrow, my toes stuck out over the edge, and they tingled in the dominant wind that rushed up the side of my apartment building.

A normal person would have been terrified. I guess it's lucky I'm not normal. I felt only despair. With my face raised to the breeze, I contemplated my night, and my entire ruin of a life.

My evening had been a disaster from the start. Running late was grounds for immediate dismissal, and I was so late for work, the first act was already half-over and I wasn't even dressed in my costume yet.

Susan stuck her head round the dressing room door. "Keira, seriously—"

"I know, I know! I'm sorry," I said, stuffing my foot into a shoe and applying lipstick at the same time. "I'll be ready."

My wonderful stage manager clicked her tongue, exasperated. "Why do you do this? Don't you like your job?"

"I love my job!" I said, hopping on one foot, the slipper refusing to slide on. I crashed into the wall as I kept talking rapidly. "I need my job. I promise, this is the last time."

"You said that last time."

"I know, I'm sorry..." Trying to give her an excuse, I cobbled together a blend of half-truths. "I went out after work last night, and I didn't get in until just before dawn, and I was so amped I stayed up and watched that Netflix show everyone loves, but then I fell asleep on the couch and forget to set my alarm."

Susan's tone conspiratorial. "Look, I'm a big fan of all-nighters, but girl, this happens almost every week! How about spending a night in every now and then?"

I couldn't answer that honestly. There were so many reasons I couldn't be at home. Partly, I hated being alone, with only my extensive DVD collection for company. Mostly, the pull of the night was too strong.

Transparently trying to change the subject, I said, "You look great today, by the way! Great hair! And is that a new necklace?"

"Yes, it is! It's vintage." Susan handed me my other shoe and laughed. "Flattery will get you everywhere with me. You've got five minutes. At least you already have your wings on."

There was a little twist in my belly at her words. "Yep, good to go," I said, keeping my voice level.

"All right, see you out there." She left as I poked myself in the eye with the mascara wand, a picture of poise.

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