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The Shadow's Star  by Llouisewrites
The Shadow's Star by Llouisewrites
18+ Loosely based on Romeo and Juliet set in a magical fae world. Two powerful families have ruled over the the dark and light fae for thousands of years. A story passed...
Download Boyfriend is an fantasy series about an simple girl named Y/N and a game called DOWNLOAD BOYFRIEND. RANKING #5 IN FANTASY SERIES #1 IN FANTASY SERIES - May 31...
A Court for Thieves (A Throne for Sisters-Book Two) by morganrice
A Court for Thieves (A Throne Morgan Rice
From #1 Bestseller Morgan Rice comes an unforgettable new fantasy series. In A COURT FOR THIEVES (A Throne for Sisters-Book Two), Sophia, 17, finds her world upside dow...
Oath to the Magic Vow (Blood Magic Vol. 1) by Alexandra_Lanc
Oath to the Magic Vow (Blood Alexandra Lanc
Soulmates Kierdan and Emory fight against the magical Vows they have mistakenly made, all while preparing for war with creatures who eat Mage blood. # # # # # Declared...
Feather Light by Blondeanddangerous
Feather Lightby Kate J. Squires
If you had wings... If you could fly... How would it affect your life? Your love? Your freedom? Keira has wings, and she is alone. The city girl hides her wings fro...
The Lost Kingdom: The Stone of Destiny by MayPhoenix2103
The Lost Kingdom: The Stone of May Phoenix
At five years old, Prudence witnesses the exile of the dwarves of the Kingdom of Dharndum, attacked by the Empire of Sombor. Eleven years later, the Empress attacks once...
Feather Dark by Blondeanddangerous
Feather Darkby Kate J. Squires
Book two in the Feather Light series. Even when you have wings, you can't fly away from your troubles forever... Keira is in danger - and this time, Noah and Leigh aren'...
How to write a fantasy series  by martinleejones
How to write a fantasy series by Martinleejones
I'm going to help all the fantasy lovers on how to make a fantasy series.
Book 4, Chapter 17 - The Tower of Aetorin by JasonRoseBishop
Book 4, Chapter 17 - The Tower Jason & Rose Bishop
The companions have arrived in Alloyis, in search of answers and something called the Codex which is the key to understanding the content of the Tome of Wyrms. Hawk know...
The Soluna Festival (Series) by by_mjms
The Soluna Festival (Series)by MJMS
Ary was born into blood and death as she grew up during the Blood Moon's final decade. After being rescued by her now Father, Reme, she unconsciously buried all the year...
Ghosts of Winter {COT #1} by MadameMagic64
Ghosts of Winter {COT #1}by MadameMagic64
Lillias Everthorn, Princess of Wolfpass, has a problem to face. Ghosts are tormenting her people, even though her country did everything it could to avoid them in the pa...
The Red Harlequin Book 5 - The Seer (Extract) by Robric99
The Red Harlequin Book 5 - The Roberto Ricci
Book 5 of the Best Selling Dystopian Fantasy Series that's taking the throne away from vampires & wizards! And it all started right here at Wattpad! - Over 14,000 copies...
The Mysterious Villain in the Novel by LittleMissPity
The Mysterious Villain in the Novelby LittleMissPity
Wrong Grammars and errors ahead! This story is just made by my own imagination. The other scene is from a movies about fighting but I put a twist. And This is not real...
Neiko's Five Land Adventure (Neiko Adventure Saga Book #1) by spottedeagle9780
Neiko's Five Land Adventure ( AK Taylor
What if the fate of two worlds were in the hands of one person: you? The childhood secret of a troubled teen warrior is used against her by her enemies. It turns out wha...
Crescent Moon by Iridescent-Glimmer
Crescent Moonby Taylor Sark🦋
Ava Gray has been fighting for survival her whole life. She and her family have been on the run for almost five years, and being rogue shapeshifters bring an entire onsl...
Once Upon an Eclipse by Iridescent-Glimmer
Once Upon an Eclipseby Taylor Sark🦋
In the fifth and final book in the Moonblood Clan series, the supernatural world is in complete and utter chaos due to the dark sorcerer Caius's actions. But Lupe Sulliv...
🌻💕My Mysterious Princess💕🌻 by iilovemore16
🌻💕My Mysterious Princess💕🌻by Gilay RamentO
May isang kaharian na masagana sa lahat ngunit may isang bruha ang nakatira doon bawat gabi lagi niyang dinadalaw ang Reyna sa silid nito upang subaybayan ang pagdadalan...
The Sagas of Mortaholme, Book 1: Corruption by ThomSmith1
The Sagas of Mortaholme, Book 1: Thom Foxsmith
There is only one god and his name is Elduin, Dwarves are stories, magic isn't real and the northern kingdoms are made up of raiders and the unfaithful. For two thousand...
Magically Powerful : The Beginning  by AnPorGeTaBolOtOr
Magically Powerful : The Beginning by Kobe Galiza
Magically Powerful : The Beggining © 2017 Made by Kobe Galiza / An-PorGeTaBolOtOr. No part of this book shall be reproduced in any ways without the author's consent , Th...