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Crimson Guard (Completed)  by challoner
Crimson Guard (Completed) by Bex
Fawn is an orphan with a power not seen in decades. Brought up stealing to survive in an ongoing war, she has managed to avoid being forced to fight in a war she wants n...
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Feather Dark by Blondeanddangerous
Feather Darkby Kate J. Squires
Book two in the Feather Light series. Even when you have wings, you can't fly away from your troubles forever... Keira is in danger - and this time, Noah and Leigh aren'...
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Feather Light by Blondeanddangerous
Feather Lightby Kate J. Squires
If you had wings... If you could fly... How would it affect your life? Your love? Your freedom? Keira has wings, and she is alone. The city girl hides her wings fro...
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sanctuary by lilacrachel
sanctuaryby rachel
It's modern-day England. Witches are hidden in plain sight, along cobbled shopping streets and abandoned buildings. Everything is different - except the witch trials. Th...
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Souls of Three by ashleymcleo
Souls of Threeby Ashley McLeo
Evelyn Locksley, one of the three witches foretold to save humanity from the fata, magical aliens intent on ruling Earth, is back home in New York City. She's having a b...
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A Kingdom by the Sea by Pendragoner
A Kingdom by the Seaby Pendragoner
Alesana is a spirited young woman who was shipped off by her ambitious parents to live in the king's castle as just a girl, to be betrothed to the prince Kalmir, and one...
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Panta Rhei by moose-code
Panta Rheiby joss
Alex has been deemed lesser-than all his life. Stuck in the Datura territory, a place that strictly adheres to a code of hierarchy, he decides to run. An act which is de...
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The Icons of Man: Book One by roberthlangan
The Icons of Man: Book Oneby Robert H. Langan
A storm is coming, a city is burning, and the only thing standing between massive floods and a million deaths is an illegal team of transcendental athletes. MIND THE WE...
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The Void by GSMichaelson
The Voidby Gabriel S.Michaelson
What happens when nobody's watching? When the battle's won, what goes on behind closed doors? Before Sentinel Book 2, motives are formed, and new enemies emerge in the...
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The Fae Hunt by CabaretofWords
The Fae Huntby N. J. Davidson
"My girlfriend's brother hunts monsters... This is going to be a problem." Alexi lives in the shadows, an unwilling creature of the night. She has only been a...
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A Gentle Thorn & Biting Rose by kaytalinplatt
A Gentle Thorn & Biting Roseby Kaytalin Platt
Faeshollow sits at the center of Cauldron's Wood and every fall the Forest King takes a child as payment for protection against the darkness. This year, he takes two. M...
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