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"So Alley what's the mission today?" Miacat asked while we were on our way to our destination.

"well I don't know it clearly yet... But it is something really serious this time for sure..." Alleycat said in a scary tone.

"You.. You mean..." I tried to say.

"Yes it's someone's life or death case....." Alley said.

"No cat... I hate such cases...." Miacat said.

"I know.. I know.. But what can we do... It is what it is.." Alley said while driving in an inhuman speed. Our fur were blowing with the wind At one turn she was so fast that I was nearly gone with the wind out of the window but luckily Miacat saved my life. The whole atmosphere was tense. It was strange to see alley driving the cat car with that speed... anyway

"Ok cats we are here... Take your positions..!" Alley ordered us.

"You mean, get out of the car, right?" I asked.

"yes that's what she meant but you are not coming." Miacat said. While getting out of the car.

"WHAT?? WHY?? ALLEY!!" I said or I should say I cried.

"Yes why Mia I mean.. Why cant she come with us?" Alleycat asked Miacat.

"Alley you know why! She is too small for all this... She will get hurt! We cant risk her life.... You know how delicate she is... No I cant let anything happen to her." Miacat said.

"WOW! That was strange coming from you." Alley said to Miacat. And then turned backseat to talk to me.

"I am sorry Tinnie... But Mia is right... We cant let you hurt yourself!" She said to me while handling me a candy.

"Oh really you think this candy will make the difference?? I don't think so." I said to her with my angry voice. Then Miacat pooped in through the window and said: "How about 2 of them?" she asked me.

"FINE... But only this time... " I said while taking that candy in my mouth.

"GREAT.. I will bring a toy for you as a souvenir!" She said and then ran in the garden nearby. I watched them running like a cheetah in their black cat suits. Then they were out of my vision. I wonder what the mission is this time. Let me guess... Someone is drowning in the water pot kept for birds. Or there is a fight between twin cats or is it the wool story again... What if it is a DOG?? No no... Please God, save my cats!


Miacat and I were heading towards the center of the garden. Our radar was showing us signals and we were just following it.

"What is that whole crowd about?" Miacat said.

"Please say they are giving kitty toys with complementary fish!!" I said. Don't look so surprised! I live with tinniekitty!! There will be some impact of her madness on me... DUH!!

"haha... Fishie would be good!! but no... I can see a hot cat there!!" Miacat said. but all I heard was HOT CAT!!

"Oh pish posh stop drooling on him.... you have not even seen him yet!!" she said. And that reminded me of a serious question.

"aa...a... Mia why am I not able to see anything??" I asked her. I can feel something terribly wrong somewhere. It was all black in front of my eyes. Was I blind folded? Or was that a conspiracy of the wattpad ninja's to call me and Mia and kidnap us? But how can she see things and I can't. What's happening?

"OH good question..... lemmi think... ummm... AHA maybe because you are wearing your strange glasses that you and Tinniekitty painted to make it look cool!!!" Miacat answered.

"why the hell are you still wearing them?" she said while taking those glasses off me.

"hehe... I always wanted to wear them! hehe" I replied and smiled sheepishly.

"OMG!!!! HE IS A HOT CAT!! I WANT HIM!!" I said.. His white fur with black stripes and ocean eyes... they were calling me.... I am coming I am coming....

"hahahahaahha!! your hot cat is the victim sweetie!" Miacat said.

"WHAT??" I asked. Then we went near him. We inspected the case. It was a clear case of..... FUR BALL.

"grrrrr... Sometimes I hate our job!" I said.

"Hhahahahahaha... Lucky tinnie!" She said. We went near him and helped him spit the hairball. He was so cute. We both saw in each others eyes. His smile was amazing.

"Thanks.... I am tomcat." He said. His voice was umm... yummm...

"A... a.. all... ale..." I stuttered.

"ALLEYCAT... she is Alleycat and I am Miacat." Mia said. I cant believe I forgot my name. He was sooo cute. I can keep looking him like this but Miacat dragged me and he left.

"Comeon... He is gone now!!! Tinniekitty is alone there... Remember!!" She said to me.

"Uh!! FINE!! but I am gonna miss tomcat... awww.. such a cute name!!" I said. Then we started going back to where we parked our car.

"Oops you have to take something for tinnie as a souvenir... wanna go in the toy shop?" I asked her.

"Oh don't worry I have taken something for her!" she said with a grin.

"What is it? Show me!" I ordered her. I knew, she has done something funny this time. She was not able to stop her own laughter.

"As you say," she said and brought her paw forward. I opened her wrist. And what I saw made me start laughing. Now we both were on the floor and laughing on the souvenir she found to give to tinnie.

"The FUR BALL!!!! Are you serious?? hahahahaha!!! come-on hahahahahaha!!! why do you this to her.... haahahahahahaha!!!" wow... Miacat is the craziest of us all for sure.

"WHAT?? Don't you know her?" she asked she was serious this time.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her while dragging her to the nearby kitty toy shop owned by Ashley. We asked Ash to get some cool toys for our kitty. Ash always knows what tinnie wants! Then we went to the "D-Lavis Coffee house" to relax a bit. It's a great place to be. Kieron made the special drinks for us as he always does. Oh and by special drink I mean "milk." We sat on our usual chair and started with where we left it.

"Oh come on! She likes it! don't you remember when I was sick and couldn't talk to her... She was upset all the time! u see its how she is... she just gets too depressed if someone who she likes to talk to stops talking to her... then she will have all the bad thoughts all the time... and she will start over thinking on what she did.. and all... so its like just be with her... you can tease her if she loves you." Miacat said. Yeah now I remember.

"Aw... I didn't know.. You tease her to make her happy!! Now give me that furr ball!! I have to tease our little cat!" I said.

"HAHA!! NOWAYS!! only I have the right to do that Back off cat!!" she said. We laughed a little and finished our Milk.

"Thanks! Kerion!" Mia shouted.

"we should go back to tinnie! Being alone is her second biggest fear!!" Miacat said.

"o.. really? what's the 1st one?" I asked.

" Oh going to school!" she answered. It's a myth in our cat specie that small human kids have to go to a scary place called "school" and there they get to do work like "homework" and have people who get paid for torturing kids and are known as "teachers." But it's an old story that our ancestors told. We have many great writers writing fictional stories on this "school" thing. Some people believe in it but I know its all just a story and there is no such place called school!! I mean hello... HOMEWORK!!!! What do they think of us?? anyway Tinniekitty saw that famous movie in the cat theatre near our home named "THE TRUTH OF THE SCARY SCHOOL" and since then she used to have nightmares of being in a school. We told her that it was just a story... School doesn't even exist!

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