The war times

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It all just started all too suddenly. I was just walking, walking with my girls, minding my own self, enjoying the morning breeze, taking in what beautiful life had for me, and just being myself, my own furry self, and suddenly i heard it. Oh how i remember it! still so clear and fresh, as though it had happened yesterday only. 

"It happened like an hour ago." Miacat said. 

"Would you let me narrate my way" Replied Tinniekitty 

"Yeah sure go ahead."

So clear. I heard a distant scream. It was so painful, i still remember. We all heard it. Just when we were realizing the reality we heard it again, more painful more restless. What was it? we wondered. someone somewhere was in trouble we were sure, but who? and where? and what could have caused that painful shriek. Whoever it was, we were sure that it was one of our own. It was a cat. We had to act quick. there was no time to waste. For all we knew somewhere some cat was being tortured! Who knew what the poor thing was being put to this time. 

"What if shes being taken to bath?" Alleycat thought out loud. 

"Oh i got goosebumps just by the word, that poor thing!" miacat reacted. 

"What if someone is stuck in wool, or choked up a furr ball" I said 

"Only you do that and scream like you are dying." Mocked Mia. 


We all had our theories, Mia and alley too had some apart from mine which were more real and plausible but well some get brains and some get well...what do they have....height! so anyway one thing we all agreed was it was a matter of urgency we didnt had the time to speculate. It was time for the powerpurr cats to act! We started walking towards the direction of scream, oh how i wish we hadnt but we did. We walked miles and miles. 

"Tinnie!!!!! we only walked like 2 mins!" Alley said. 

"Oh you dont know! try and walk with my lil paws! it was like a mile only!" they both rolled their eyes on me. Fine we did walk for 2 minutes and what we saw we can never forget. 

It was a war! 

A real war, with weapons and soldiers. I would not lie i was scared. I was only a kitten! i was powerpurr but i wasnt ready for a real war yet. Saving people from trees and bees was one thing and a war was another. I have no shame in admitting but i did, like most of us would in a situation like this, peed a little. 

"Didnt she create a puddle" alley asked. 

"She sureee did." Replied mia. 

"I was scared" i sheepishly mewwd.

A war does that to people., the best of us. There was a cat lying behind the pile of leaves. Injured, broken, helpless. We had to help her, all that was left of her. Oh i could not look, we were being attacked from all sides. We ducked, and crawled and ducked again and then hid and covered for each other. We had to act strategically, they were everywhere, bombarding and shooting. We were heroic and we were brave to be facing such grave danger, looking it right in the eye. 

We were there. We were just there. reaching to her, almost there when suddenly. I was hit. 


I was hit in the war. 

It was too quick and too sudden. I dont know which side it came from, who attacked me. But there i was hit in the war. The pain struck, and it was so brutal that i could not even feel it, it had to be some other kind of a mental torturous pain. All i knew was that it was the end. 

The end of me. 

The end of life as we know it. At least my life. 

My whole life came in front of my eyes, in a flashback. 

"You mean your whole life of a month?" Alley interrupted again. 

"Would you let me finish my story or not???" 

"Fine fine"

The end was near. I turned to alley and mia, my two ok ok cats, who would look after them now, who would protect them and the entire cat realm? the thought kept on howering until i lost the last ounce of life and hope left in me. The other side had won. Mia and alley took me in their paws and admist all the attacks, they ran. Ran to save me. 

"She does know that those were just water balloons thrown by kids right? and she did not die she just got water on herself??" Mia whispered to alley. 

"Shhh, let her finish her exaggerated version of everything" Alley hushed mia. 

Wars are a painful time. Lifes are lost. That day i was lost. 

I died.  

"I wish!" Mia said. 

"Bleh" I replied. 

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