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The PowerPurr Cats 3

*Alley cat's pov*

Three of us came for a nice night walk. Why not a morning walk? Humm...

"Fine ME me! I am the reason! I can't wake up! HAPPY" Tinniekitty almost shouted on Miacat while I was trying to focus on beauty of nature.

"Alley remove your movie glasses!" Mia demanded. Oops she caught me. It seems like only Mia is enjoying the nature. Wait a minute!!

"Mia, take off your IPod!!" gosh no one is paying any attention to the surroundings! What if there is an emergency somewhere? It's our duty to protect every little creature from any sort of danger. No one in this place should be in a danger. We are here to save everyone. And if we don't pay attention anything can happen. This place is full of little creatures that depend on us. They look up to us when they sniff a danger. Sniff... sniff...

"omg! Is it? Is it really?" I said more to myself. Forget the duty! It's a fresh fishie smell! Muahahahaha!! Poor pool here we come.

"Come on cats! We have a treat" I said enthusiastically.

"But is it right... i mean we are the powerpurr cats... aren't we supposed to save everyone... and not hunt around?" Tinniekitty asked. Oh little tinniekitty... my little no brain tinniekitty!

"We are! We are saving! We are saving the pool! From that little bad fishie!!" I explained her.

"And maybe because you are so thoughtful, we can find more bad fishies in the pool." Miacat said in her angelic voice.

"Seems like its good thing then!" Tinniekitty added.

And with that our ears pointed upwards. We became what tinniekitty always dreamt of, EVIL!! Miacat quickly snatched a fork from a little girl who was eating noodles. Noodles at midnight in the park?

"you sure those were noodles and not someone's veins, mia?" I asked.

The smell was getting stronger Yumm....!!

We were almost there. Just few more steps and then PARTY!!

"Oh o..." Tinniekitty said in between my fantasy.

"What oh o... you want to pee oh o... or have already peed oh o...?" Miacat asked her.

"No its the "look someone is eating our fishie" oh o" Tinniekitty said pointing in the direction where the monster was standing.

"THE BUTT MAN!" we all hissed the name.

"He is dead now" Both Mia and Tinniekitty said together.

"Hey! Mind if I ask what you are doing?" Miacat asked trying to control her anger.

"Eating the fish! What do you think Pinky?" he replied while chewing.

"Oh no" tinniekitty uttered.

"oh no... mia... don't be too harsh, He said it by mistake!" i tried to calm Mia but as I thought I was late. I pulled Tinnikitty aside for safety reasons. Gosh how I wish we could have escaped this major fight, but no... I am afraid... We will have to stay to call the ambulance for the........ buttman!

"Did you just say pinky?" Miacat asked him. Oh no... Her eyes are narrowed, just the way she does it before hunting. First she distracts the victim in a funny talk, and then Bang! The next second his prey is under a deadly grip begging to be freed. She attacks!! I wonder if it's too much for tinniekitty to watch. I mean it's violent. Rebeca change this chap to PG!

"alley whats gonna happen now?" Scared tinniekitty asked in her already choking voice.

"Nothing sweety! If you see something red its tomato ketchup ok?" I lied.

After few seconds the fight started. I closed Tinniekitty's eyes so that she can't see anything. And absentmindedly my eyes shut as well. All I heard were some deadly screams. Cries for help that almost tore my eardrums. After a while I heard one last cry, so painful, I knew it's over. Miacat again showed no mercy. I slowly opened my eyes only to see dust swirling the area where Miacat took her deadly revenge. It was all dust and I couldn't see anything in the dark due to it. After few seconds I saw Miacat coming out of the dust that rose because she was so fast. She was clearing the dust of her hands. And there is the BUTT-MAN.

"Oh no.... Mia what have you done??" I almost cried, could not see that scary sight. I kept Tinniekitty's eyes closed with my paws. The BUTT-MAN was standing there with a PINK bow and his fur decorated with PINK beads with his tail tied in a designer knot. His small ears were tied with elastic making them look like two little pony tails. And there was a purple candy badly stuffed in his mouth. Gosh miacat!! How can she be so violent?

"buttman.... buttman..." I nearly sang in a caring tone. No reply. Oh he must have gone in some kind of trauma!

"You want us to take you to hospital?" I again asked him. He saw towards us. Completely scared.

"Miacat is great, all fishes belong to her and the powerpurr cats" He chanted. He was shivering.

"good cat! No go home Pinky!!" Miacat teased him and he ran from there.

That's the reason we try not to make Miacat angry, as the results can be disastrous. BEAWARE!!!


OH and Belated happy birthday to BUTT MAN!

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