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"Sorry Rebeca but you can't use POWERPUFF as it belongs to us" says buttercup.

"FINE...... I will change it. But have you heard of the word S-H-A-R-I-N-G!!" says Rebeca.


This is a story of three cats AlleyCat MiaCAT and me Rebeca (well there is no cat in my name as I am a kitty popularly known as Tinniekitty in my cat family!).

Once upon a time and Blah.... blah. Why do we have to start in this way?

So where was I? Yeah.

So there is this girl Nikki. She loves cats. She owned Mia then Alley. They were all so happy just going to have their "and they lived happily ever after" story. Until that day.

The sky had clouds sctattered every where. The sun was afraid of something that's why couldn't show the courage to come up. It was all dark that day. No sign of light and happiness as if everything has come to an halt due to a curse by an evil magician. The wolfs were howiling as never before and the owls were also scared. Something really bad was going to happen everyone knew that. The news channels gave a warning to stay at home as anything could happen. Mia and Alley were aslo scared about this unknown threat to earth. But they thought they are safe with Nikki around them. They had no idea how wrong they were. The winds were trying to freeze everyones blood and the ocean wanted to take everything inside it. Nikki was in her living room with Mia and Alley sitting under the chair or rather hiding there. It was lightning badly and raing heavily. The whole atmosphere was all so monstrous. Everything was just too scary. Then something happened. There was a knock on Nikki's door. MiaCat and Alleycat wished that Nikki would not open the door but it was too late. Nikki opened the door. And then there was the most trrific sight anyone could ever see. They saw a shadow in the dark. The shadow was so monstor like. It was bad really BAD. And then that thing smiled. The smile was a deadly grin telling the two cats that it is their end. AlleyCat and MiaCat were shivering out of fear. They never saw such a thing such a scary to deaths thing. It was an evil EVIL.

It was ME hahahahahhahaha!!!

Then I came in their world. Nikki owned me because I made her look in my little cute kitty eyes. Everything changed after my entrance. Their nightmares came true. Their lives were changed I ruined them. Muahahahahahahahaha.................

I was a kitty but still a dangerous cat. I was EVIL. It felt like being a devil and having the fun of...........

"TINNIE.... come down right NOW!!! Out from your "I am evil" fantasies RIGHT NOW!!" MiaCat shouted.

Uhhhh!!!! A kitty can't even focus on her fantasies when two annoying cats are around her. Can't they just sit with tapes on their mouths and let me have some fun. I just want to be a royal cat who just don't work at all. But NO!! AlleyCat wanted to become a super hero so now we are THE POWER"PURR" CATS. How it all started.... ummm. It started only after i came. It was a beautiful day. I could hear the fairies singing a welcome song and the birds were chirping in the chorus. The sun was smiling and the clouds were clapping. The wind blew my fur like a mother moves her hands. Every part of nature was trying to witness the awesome event that was just going to happen in Nikki's house. I was going to open my eyes. I was excited about this big change that was going to happen. I was going to open my little eyes and see this world thats just waiting for me to to see it. I finally opened my eyes. I slowly opened them to make it look natural and dramatic.

*blink blink*

Awww.... everything was just beautiful around me. It was Nikki and me and only us. MY Nikki and MY house. Wow that was a great feeling. I was jut in Nikki's lap and enjoying this new gift of seeing the world through my own eyes but then i just heard something. Something that was very familiar. It gave me shivers. No no Tinnie kitty it was nothing... it must be Nikki's radio or TV show or something. Don't worry. So i curled myself in Nikki's lap. I was enjoying the catnip when i heard it again. It was it it was it. I t sounded like like.... like like A CAT!!!

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