Chapter 13: Individual Evaluations

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"Clove Sevina, District 2" I announce, walking over to the knives. There are now 10 knives. In front of me there are 5 moving and 5 still target-dummies. I take a deep breath and aim.

I throw all 10 and don't miss once. The game-makers aren't impressed. I wait a while but nothing.

"Do you see that fly over there?" I ask to no certain individual, trying to get their attention.

"Yes and what? Are you gonna get it with all the way from there? I have better luck winning the Hunger Games with no help than you have to kill the fly" Seneca Crane replies, bitterly. I ignore him. I take my aim and throw. My knife slices the fly in half and lodges itself in the ceiling.

"You are dismissed' Crane announces bitterly. 'I might get an 10 for that' I think. I walk towards the exit as the doors open automatically. 

"Good luck!" I whisper into Cato's ear.

"Thanks Clover" he replies. I head towards the elevator and Glimmer and Marvel join me.

"How did it go?" Marvel asks.

"Perfectly. All bull'e eyes" I say. I don't want them to know about the fly trick. It might scare them.

"Ohh. That's cool me too!" Glimmer exclaims. 'Yeah right' I think to myself.

"What did you try?" I ask.

"Bow and arrow. Why?" Glimmer responds.

"Ohh just wanted to know" I say.

They get off and I am alone in the elevator for about 10 seconds.

"How did it go" Wilma askes, gesturing to the seat next to her.

"Great I might get a 10" I exclaim. "I shot a fly on the ceiling after Crane said he'd have a better chance of winning the Games." I say.

Cato walks in and we have our lunch. Just simple salmon patties and a array of dipping sauces.

"How did it go" I ask Cato.

"Ohh great" he replies. "What did you do?" 

"I hit a fly when Crane said I couldn't. He said he'd have better chances of winning the Hunger Games.' I say smiling. I shouldn't show how proud I am right now, but it feels nice.

"What did you do"I ask.

"Well nothing compared to you but good enough for sponsors" he replies.

After lunch we go into training for the rest of the day. Not much happens. We mostly just keep quiet. All of us. Meaning Glimmer too. I practice my throwing skills. I noticed when I look up that the knife from the fly incident is still up there.

"Hey guys, look what I did' I say pointing to the ceiling.

"Ohh you got a knife stuck in the ceiling. That's talent" Glimmer says. Hopefully jokingly.

"No it's from I.E. Clove sliced a fly on the wall." Cato says coming to defend me.

"Yeah I didn't tell you about because it might have made you jealous or scared" I joke. I smile at Glimmer but this one is genuine. After training we eat dinner and we all head to the living room.

"The score announcements are on" Wilma proclaims.

"Okay" I sit down next to Enobaria on the left and Cato next to me on the right. The Panem anthem starts.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the score reveal of the 74th Hunger Games" Claudius Templesmith starts.

"Yes and we have some game changing scores tonight" Ceasar adds.

"Let's start shall we?" Claudius states "Marvel, district with a score of 9.5 and Glimmer with a score of 7" he states.

"And for district two' Ceasar starts "Clove with a score of... ohh a great score of 11 and Cato with a score of 10.5"

The other scores aren't that important. All that I listen to are the Careers and district 11 and district 12. Rue got an 8.5 which is amazing for her. Thresh got a 6.5. Katniss also got an 11 and Peeta only a 8.

"Did you see that I finally beat Cato at something" I say especially towards Cato.

"Yeah whatever. I'm still better" Cato states. He kisses me on the cheek and we head to our rooms. I put on my pj's after taking a quick shower.

"Can I?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure Clover" he replies.

I hop into his bed where I have slept the whole time we've been here except half a night. He gets out from his shower and and changes in front of me. I look away but get a peek of his legs.

"Good night Clover" he says, climbing under the sheets "we will make it out together. I PROMISE" he states. He kisses me passionately and we drift to sleep.

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