Chapter 5: Showing Off

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"Hello I hear you two are very special" Enaboria, our mentor walks in smiling. To show off her teeth sharpened to a fine point with gold paint on the tips.

"Yeah you guys are one of a kind" Brutus our other mentor says with a rather menacing voice. He's a large man as in tall and muscular, not fat.

"You guys are some of the best Victors ever" I say excitedly. "Yeah you guys are awesome" Cato chimes in.

"We have to talk strategy" Enoboria says sitting by Brutus and Wilma. "You guys are going to need to know ho to survive, not just fight." She says in calming but also disturbing voice.

"We will see your strengths and weaknesses in training" Brutus exclaims.

"I can show you right now" I proclaim removing a knife from my dress.

"Where'd you get that Clove" Cato asks me. He eyes the knives in my hand, then my legs. I blush, hopefully they can't see it.

"I always carry one you know since that day" trying to hint him to stop asking.

"Well never mind that" Enobaria says "show us what you've got".

I walk over to a wall with a intricut pattern on it. I say pointing "right here look at this shape, right here" I walk away from the small target shape, to the other side of the cart and throw. 

I walk over to see it hit it right down the middle of the small target.

"Good job" says Enobaria. "Yeah you're sure to win with that" Brutus exclaims.

"Oh if you lke that you should see Cato with his spears or his sword. Now that's a show" I reply, trying to not out-shine him. I walk over to him and whisper " I'm sorry if I ruined you" I say chuckling. Then he grabs my waist and kisses me firmly. As to say that I should stop talking.

"What was that?" I ask "That's for saving my sister" he says, a small smile forming.

Then I lean in to kiss him standing on my very tippy-toes to reach. After that he asks "And what was that Clove?"

"That's for saving my brother and saving me" I say and walk over to see Enobaria, Brutus and Wilma all staring with eyes and mouths wide open.

"That's it" Brutus says "That could be your angle. Star crossed lovers from district 2. Protecting each other's family."

"Yeah, we could do a whole show at the Interviews for that" Enobaria chimes in smiling wide. I look at them awkwardly, star crossed lovers? It'll certainly get us attention.

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