Taken for granted

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Everyone has a someone or a something they love with all their heart.

But some of us don't see how precious they truly are.

We take them for granted.

And push them even more away.

All they want is to be accepted.

But we pretend we don't want them to stay.

We ignore our feelings for them.

And we start to grow a bad stem.

Until its deep in the ground.

And our hearts become silent and don't make a sound.

We are afraid we might get hurt.

That that one special person may end up treating you like dirt.

But we know deep down that wouldn't happen.

Because they never take us for granted.

People like that are careless.

They dont care how much they hurt themselves.

Because when you hurt.

They hurt as well.

Thats how much they love you.

And by now you should love them too.

Because if you wait too long

You just might forget.

How special they were to you.

Something you will strongly regret.

So don't make it too late.

To love the ones you think you hate.

Because they really do care.

Its a feeling they are willing to share.

Find them and learn to lead the way.

Tell them you really want them to stay.

Dont take anything for granted.

Their hearts may end up being dented.

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