Mystery Personality

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Who are you supposed to be?

You say you aren't you, but you're definitely not me.

I just can't seem to figure you out.

You are always so joyful, but so full of self-doubt.

You say life is a simple game.

But it is complicated and the opposite of tame.

You say love is beautiful and true.

And you say it is also pain and hurt too.

You say people are special in their own unique way.

But you seem to judge people every single day.

You say the earth is the purest thing here.

But trash and pollution is something you fear.

When I come to you, you always have a solution.

But when it comes to your problems, you are full of confusion.

You say its good to have a kid on the inside.

But you hate when people act immature; well I guess you lied.

You really love to be surprised.

But you think its better to be organized.

You believe everyone has a fate.

But it's your destiny that you hate.

You think when it comes to being you; you should follow your heart.

But you and your personality keep falling apart.

So tell me when you figure out.

What you really are all about.

Who are you supposed to be?

The answer, I think I will never see.

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