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{A/N: so Brynjolf has no official backstory, but I've read up some stuff, and other fanfics with a Bryn backstory, so next chapter will be my take on Bryns backstory yay}


It was the next day, in the morning. I slept happily in my cot; better than I usually do. I had no nightmares tonight, and I had quite the "date" with Brynjolf.

I slowly awake and flutter my eyes open to see Brynjolf curiously looming over me, his hair almost dangling in my face. Once he saw my eyes open he blushed a bit and chuckled.

"-just making sure you weren't dead, lass!"

"Ha-ha." I mutter, tired, then close my eyes again. I was too comfortable to get up just yet.

"So, before you fall back asleep I was wondering; would you like to go on a walk through the outskirts of Riften. Heard the trees are beautiful right now." He says. I can hear the longing in his voice. He is almost begging.

I sigh, open my eyes, and swing my feet over the side of my bed. "Alright, Bryn, just give me a minute to wake up." I yawn. [ I yawned right now, haha]

After I woke up some more, and fixed myself up a little bit we walked through Riften, out the gates, and by the stables. The trees where beautiful crimsons and oranges!

"Wow." I am able to mutter in awe.

"I know, lass, pretty, eh?"


He laughs at my amazement. "Riften always looks better in the Morning, doesn't it?"

"yeah! I usually don't see it like this. When I'm out here it's usually pitch black, or the leaves are just growing back."

We peacefully continue our walk through the trees, until Brunjokf clears his throat.

"Lass.... I've been thinking; we need to get to know each other better."

"okay?" I say.

He laughs at my response. "Alright I'll just ask questions, and you have to answer them as honestly as you can."

"Alright..." I reply worriedly.

"If you could get out of Skyrim and go anywhere; where would you go?--"

We continued like this: answering and asking questions until we walked into a complete circle, and we were back at the gates of Riften again.

"So, do a get a real kiss now?" He says, smirking.

"hmm... Let me think..."

"Come on, lass" he chuckles.

"hmmm...HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... No." I smirk back.

"You are still such a tease, lass!" He pouts more. I just smirk wider.

(OKAY GUYS I NEED HALP. So the next chapter is going to be Brynjolf and Y/N opening up to each other about their past, but I want to know what you guys want Y/N's past to be!)

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