That Dumb Wingman of Mine

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Bryns POV:

"Plan? Lass, I've already have had this planned for a while~ I- er... I um mean... I just had some sweetrolls for some reason..." I said without thinking, then blushed. I didn't want her to know that I had been planning for this moment, and I had a plan b for just about anything that could go wrong.

She just gave a sweet smile and nodded. "Alright."

*time skip*

"Isn't it beautiful?" Y/N said in awe.

"Yeah~" I smiled, but I wasn't just talking about the Aurora dancing above us.

"Bryn," she said quietly.


"I... I actually had a great time with you today..." She blushed.

"O-oh? I'm still sorry about the Bee and Barb incident, but I'm glad you still had fun anyways~" I blush a tad.

"It made this afternoon a bit exciting though, didn't it?" Y/N grinned, trying to make everything seem positive.

"I guess so, lass~" I smile back.

"AYE LOVE BIRDS!" A VERY familiar voice yelled from below.

We looked down to see the one and only Delvin.

"So, are you gonna kiss or-?" He chuckled.

"I hate you... You're a bad person..." I mutter sarcastically. (Dragon age anyone? Sorry, I had to XD)

"D-Delvin! How long have you been here?!" Y/N muttered flusteredly.

"Long enough to know you two haven't kissed yet!" Delvin smirked.

"S-so the whole time?" She replied.

"Yeah, I guess you could say so." He shrugged casually.

She just sighed, and looked at me.

"I swear I didn't know he was there!" I chuckle at Delvin's perfect timing to interrupt the moment.

"Oh really? Get your wingman out of here Bryn!" She chuckled. Her beautiful (hair color/if your OC doesn't have hair just nevermind) hair flowing in the wind the seemed stronger on the roofs.

"Well, we should get going in, lass~" I say, getting up, then helping her up.

"Alright" ,she sighs, "I guess I do have some work to get to."

"Y-yeah... We should get going then." I mutter, sadly; realizing that we are probably never going to do this ever again.

"Sorry I had to ruin the moment, I just thought about how we don't need anymore Thieves Guild recruits." Delvin chuckled.

"What are you on about, Delvin?" I ask.

"You guys where gonna have s-"

"OKAY... I GET IT NOW DELVIN." I blurt out before he can finish.

I heard Y/N chuckled a bit.

And I couldn't help but smile too~

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