Drama at the Bee and Barb

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Y/N's POV:

Once we walked into the Bee and Bard; we were bombarded by glares, and a priest of Mara.

"Would you like to learn more about Mara? I think you two would, you look like you would! You two look cute together! You should get married! If you do, do it in the Temple of Mara, oh and did I mention, how great Mara is?!" He yelled quickly.

"Okay,lad, I think we are fine...." Brynjolf muttered, as he protectively stood infront of me.

"If you ever change your mind, and I'm sure you will, find me here or at the temple of Mara!" He smiled and he walked to the center of the inn to gloat more about his 'maraness.'

"Well... How about we sit down before that happens again..." Brynjolf chuckled a bit.

"Yeah!" I laugh.

As we walk to an empty table a group of very drunk men speak up, which makes me stop walking.

"Eyyyy, pretty lady!" One drunkered yelled towards me.

Brynjolf stopped walking also and turned around and glared at the man.

"Oh, calm down mate, I was just complimenting your wench!" He replied.

This set Bryn off. He grabbed my hand, and began to pull me out of the building, but as we walked by the man smacked my "booty" (teehee)

My face turned more red, and I let go of Bryns hand, turned around and smacked the man.

Brynjolf turned around shocked.

"Oh~ feisty! I wonder how you are in bed, love?" He chuckled with his mates as he grabbed my "booty"again.

"Yeah, she looks a lot better than all the other wrenches around here... " another drunk, Nord,  man, muttered.

"Don't talk to Y/N like that!" Brynjolf yelled as he punched both of the men in the face, which was surprising to everyone. Bryn is sly, but that was just brutal. But they did deserve it. He actually ended up knocking them out! (Dang, his muscles!)

"Okay! Thieves Guild rats, you haven't ordered anything! Get out!" Keerava yelled.

"Fine!" Bryn huffed, as he grabbed my hand and walked out with me.

Once we were outside of the Bee and Barb, Brynjolf (lol tongue twister) turned to face me. He looked into my eyes and sighed.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't let them say that to you..." He muttered.

"T-that's okay... They deserved it! I should thank you." I smiled, still shocked from the situation.

"You don't need to thank me, I'm just a thief. But you know what lass?"

"No, what?" I crocked my eyebrow.

"I have an even better idea!"

"Oh really?" I say sarcastically. "What would that be?"

"Well... If you wouldn't be so sassy..." He joked. "We could... Borrow some food, and go on the rooftops! What do you say, lass?" He asked.

"Alright." I nodded. "But I have one question for you..."

"Okay what is it lass?"

"Why are you doing all of this?"

"Well... Like I said before! I want to get to know you better!" He smiled.

I rolled my eyes. "Alright I'm in, what's the plan?"

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