A Good Accident

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Y/N's POV:

As we walk back to the Guild in silence I quickly grab my hand onto Bryn's, and my breath hitches.

I see him look at me, but I'm too flustered to look back.

"L-Lass?" He stuttered in a way we're I couldn't tell if it was surprise or nervousness.

I pull my hand away and cross my arms. "I'm sorry... It was a stupid idea... I mean- it was an accident." I blush as Brynjolf then grabbed my arm and twirls me around to face him.

"I though it was a good accident." Brynjolf smirked as he stared into my eyes.

We had stopped walking, and we were right in front of the secret entrance to the Cinstern.

"Brynjolf." I sigh as I try to turn away, but he has me firmly in his grasp. (FIRMLY GRASP IT)

"Lass..." He says seriously, then chuckles. "You're such a tease."

"H-huh?" I mutter, confused.

Brynjolf then moves in for a kiss but I move my hand in front of his lips and mine.

He backs away, and then pouts.

"You'll have to take me on another date for that to happen~" I smirk nervously.

"See what I mean by: you're a tease?!" He said over exaggerating.

I roll my eyes, and give him a quick kiss on the check.

"Okay that's all you get~" I blush a bit then laugh.

Brynjolf pouted. "So do you want to go on the second date right now?"

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