Delvin is a Bad Wingman

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(Funny, Pervy chapter XD)

Y/N's POV:

It was late in the evening, and almost everyone in Riften was heading to the Bee and Barb. I was practicing my lockingpicking until I felt a tap on my shoulder, that made me jump and quickly turn around.

"EEEPPP!" (10/10 conversations in my fanfics XD) I screamed as I turned around.

"Oh Talos lass, way to be dramatic!" Brynjolf laughed as he playfully punched my shoulder.

I quickly punched him in his arm hard as revenge. I mean I had the right to!

"OW!" He yelled, and held his arm.
"You don't have to be so rough!"

"Y/N KNOWS YOU LIKE IT ROUGH BRYNJOLF!!!" Delvin yelled as he walked by.

"DELVIN YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!!" Brynjolf yelled flusteredly like a little kid who wanted a sweetroll, but he couldn't get one... Wow.. That was oddly specific...

I just laughed, and blushed a bit. "NICE ONE DELVIN!" I yelled.

"THANKS Y/N, I TRY!" Delvin laughed back.

"Don't encourage him, Y/N!!" Brynjolf said somewhat serious, but I could hear him chuckle at the end of his sentence.

"So~ anyways, was there any reason why you came scared me, while I was practicing lock picking?" I laughed a bit.

"HE WANTS TO SEE HOW WELL YOU MOVE THOSE FINGERS" Delvin yelled again, still listening to our conversation.

"Stop it you idiot!" Vex hit Delvin upside the head as he walked by.

Brynjolf laughed, and then looked at me seriously.

"I was just wondering... If you'd like to go out to the Bee and Barb... With me... Together... Just chilling..." (Netflix and chill lololololol XD)

"S-sure!" I blushed.

"R-really?!" Brynjolf yelled excitedly.

"Yeah~" I laughed.

"BY BEE AND BARB HE MEANS HIS ROOM, AND BY CHILL HE MEANS HE WANTS TO FU-" Delvin yelled but was cut off by Vex hitting him upside the head again.

Brynjolf held out my hand, and let out a laugh. "Let's go, and leave these two lovebirds in peace~" he said in a mocking tone.

I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. "Yeah, let's do that!" I laughed.

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