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Brynjolf X Reader: Only Exception by memeslovepoptarts
Brynjolf X Reader: Only Exceptionby memeslovepoptarts
Y/N never knew that joining the thieves guild would mean getting her heart stolen. (Contains spoilers to the Thieves Guild main quest, some light hearted and some very s...
Vilkas X Dark Elf Reader: Secrets by memeslovepoptarts
Vilkas X Dark Elf Reader: Secretsby memeslovepoptarts
You had to flee... Flee away from your homeland, Morrowind. And out of all the places you could've ended up... You ended up in Skyrim... A war torn province. Not like Mo...
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences  [Requests Open!] by memeslovepoptarts
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences [ memeslovepoptarts
Certain scenarios that feature Skyrim's finest! Imagines/Oneshots/Preferences of Skyrim characters. I'm pretty sure I didn't do these right, please don't crucify me. Unl...
Skyrim x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
Skyrim x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
Just a bunch of Skyrim oneshots * = self harm and other themes Characters will include: Jarl Balgruuf Farkas Vilkas Erik the slayer Mercurio Cicero Sheogorath Bry...
Skyrim x Reader | Requests by AkkiesBooks
Skyrim x Reader | Requestsby Akkie ✦
This is a Skyrim x Reader book, just like the title suggests. Open for requests! Characters I've done so far: • Brand-Shei • Brynjolf • Veezara {I do not own Skyrim o...
Of Strange Events by T_tabs
Of Strange Eventsby T_tabs
Welcome to Solstheim or Raven Rock, where you don't know where you are and have to find out as you go along with a stranger. They saves you from beast each time you get...
Skyrim Ancano X Ex-theif/Ex-Killer/Mage/Dragonborn Reader by AzumiRoth
Skyrim Ancano X Ex-theif/ AzumiRoth
(In process of rewriting/editing. ) "Don't worry my dear, no matter all the horrible you've done I will still see the light you hold. No matter how many people you...
Skyrim x Reader ~Requests open~ by fleurdumals
Skyrim x Reader ~Requests open~by Darling 💙
Can you tell I'm bored? Requests n stuff open 🤙🏻
Skyrim One Shots by RosellaOrtiz
Skyrim One Shotsby Rosella
These stories will be content scenarios, smuts(I will try), Lemons, gender neutral, and requests. I do not own any of these charaters.Bethesda and other respective own t...
Mara's Test (Skyrim Fanfic) by JarlSunny
Mara's Test (Skyrim Fanfic)by Sunny
Alvy, a Bosmer woman , believes Skyrim is much her home as any other Nords. She joins the Stromcloaks that's where she meets Ulfric.
Skyrim x Reader ONESHOTS by goshimbaby
Skyrim x Reader ONESHOTSby evan ✌✌
yeah i never thought this would be something i would do, but, here we are requests are currently open dears!
Skyrim Stories by HelgaDova
Skyrim Storiesby HelgaDova
This is going to be a series of short stories based around the Bethesda game Skyrim. I will be taking requests and will try my best in creating these stories. I will als...
Twisted Destiny ||Cicero x Modern Day Reader by zzOddie
Twisted Destiny ||Cicero x ᵒᵈᵈᶦᵉ
- This story was inspired by The Eldersrolls V, Skyrim. Only the plot line and a few added characters are mine. - What happens when the real world and a fictional media...
Skyrim imagines and stories  by itchytitties
Skyrim imagines and stories by 👀
One shots and preferences of the Skyrim characters! Skyrim is owned by Bethesda
Sun Drops (Oneshots, Ships, etc!) by LustlessKitten
Sun Drops (Oneshots, Ships, etc!)by Temp. Hiatus
This is my Ship Book! There will be some ____ X Readers and some ships! Hope you enjoy!
Her Protecter (skyrim fanfic) by JarlSunny
Her Protecter (skyrim fanfic)by Sunny
When Sunny finds out that she is moonborn she has no choice but to go to the Companions for help, where she meets Farkas
Skyrim x Reader Oneshots/Lemons by skyrimfan98
Skyrim x Reader Oneshots/Lemonsby DovahkinKitKatChan
Hey guys welcome to my first book of skyrim x reader one shots and lemons I do take requests.