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Pen Your Pride

Long conversation.....

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Chapter 14:Long conversation......

That night I got a call from Emily...........RING RING RING "Hello!"I say excitingly."Cough cough cough , Hi-cough cough cough"Emily says."Where were you today , You promised you'd come for the special meeting?"I say sadly."Well-Um-cough cough cough , you see last night after I came home from where we meet last night I was to my uncles place and he was sick when we visited him and I caught his Flu"She explains."Why , didn't you just text me to alert us , because of you I had to be partners with max for science class"I say and then giggle."Well-cough cough I left my phone at my uncles so I couldn't text or call"She says."Why didn't you use the house phone like you are now?"I ask."Because I was really really sick then-cough last night I threw up like for the whole night -but now I'm feelin about better- I guess"She explains."oh okay, we got a big emergency"I say."What what is it-cough"She says."I think Mia's becoming popular!"I yell."What!"She yells."Today well you were gone and Monica was at the dentist I hung out with max for the day and Catherine wanted to be alone and Mia hung out with the popular girls"I explained."Well talk-cough cough -about it again tomorrow -My moms calling me- got to go BYE!"She says quickly and hangs up.

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