Liams POV

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Liam could feel Zayns eyes on his back and pulled Danielle closer to him, he hated holding this girl so close to him. He hated telling her he loved her. Showing her how much he supposedly loved her. None of it felt right to him. He wanted Zayn back in his arms, smiling and laughing with him. But he couldn’t have him anymore.

He just couldn’t. It wasn’t that he didn’t love him but that he wasn’t allowed to.

Liam smiled at Danielle, kissing her softly on the lips and whispering that he loved her. The words feeling like lead on his tongue. He smiled at her till she walked into the classroom and he turned away. Scrubbing his hand against his mouth he wandered into his next class, hoping that Zayn would be sitting there. He still sat behind Zayn, even though they weren’t together anymore, just so he could stare at him. Imagine he was still allowed to touch him, kiss him and watch him as he was in the throws of passion.

Smiling to himself he watched the door from his seat waiting for Zayn to walk into the classroom. He frowned to himself when the bell went and Zayn never walked in the door. Looking at his desk he thought about why he had broken Zayns heart as well as his own.

He saw the look his mother gave him, the one where he said he wanted to bring over the person he was in love with. The one he wanted to meet the family. He watched her face go from sheer glee to disgust when he corrected her assumption on the fact he was brining a boy home not a girl. He could still hear the words ringing through his ears, about how he was a monster. How he was going to be in hell for the rest of eternity and the words that broke his heart the most that his mother couldn’t look at him because all she could see was a disappointment.

Liam saw a tear drip off his chin and fall onto the notes he had been trying to take. He watched as the words smudged and blended together. Sighing loudly he felt and hand land on his shoulder, looking up to see who it belonged to. He made a shocked noise. Niall was standing there a look of pity on his face; he was Zayns best friend after all and had stopped talking to him after the break-up.

“You okay, Liam?” he whispered softly, sitting in the seat to Liams left.

Liam looked back down at the words he had scrawled out and found his eyes going to the folder on the desk. One that Zayn had scrawled all over during this class, when he was still trying to convince Liam to go on a date with him. Liam finally answered Niall by looking up at him, “No…I feel awful.” Liam finally admitted. He hadn’t told a soul about why he had ended it with Zayn, but he knew he had to tell someone before he broke down and lost it completely.

What he wasn’t expecting was for Niall to wrap an arm round his shoulders and pull him close so he could whisper into his ear, “Wanna talk about it?”

A sob worked its way from Liams lips and he nodded. He was going to tell Niall, someone who shouldn’t care about him right now but was still willing to listen to the boy that had broken his best friends heart.

Niall kept close to him until the bell went for lunch. Walking out of the classroom he texted Danielle. He told her he was hanging out with Niall today, trying to get their friendship back on track. She had been telling him for the last week that he should, so he knew that she wouldn’t bother them.

They walked into the lunch hall; he could feel eyes on him. People were looking between him and Niall, they could obviously remember the fight that had gone on between him and Niall.

While standing in line he saw Harry and Louis talking, pressed close together and ignoring Eleanor as she sat next to Louis, obviously trying to get his attention. He could never understand how those two never saw that they were completely in love with each other. He can remember the looks on their faces when he asked how long they had been together. He laughed softly before purchasing his food and following Niall out of the building.

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