Chapter One ~Bullies~

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I remember the first time everything went to shit. I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the family room, watching my cartoons. It was the day after my funeral. My father was broken down. He already had twelve beers. The tv was on a little loud. My father came storming him, his words slurring, and the smell of alcohol radiating off him. I help my nose turning to my father and his face was drunken-angry. He threw the bottle in his hand at the wall, close to my head. Being 10, I was scared. I began to cry immediately. "Alexa, you little bitch!" His word slurred and he tilted on his feet, gaining his balance back. "You dont need the goddamn tv that loud! You ain't a fucking cripple and def." He slapped me across the face, with a great force. I felt my cheek immediately begin to bruise. "Daddy, stop!'' I fell to the ground cry and covered my face. "You filthy little skank." He walked away from me tripping over his own feet.

That was 6 years ago. My father has gotten worse. But less abusive. He gets so drunk he just passes out on the couch. But he still hits. I can't do anything right. He doesnt have a job, which doesnt help. He complains, blaming my mothers death on me. I know it wasnt. My mother would have said it wasnt. Its his fault and he knows it.

I looked up in the mirror, seeing my eye have a black and blue mark around it. I sighed, pulling my foundation out of the medicine cabinet. I do my best to cover any marks my father leaves behind. It causes less attention. I dont like the center of attention. I try my best to blend in at school. I dont have many friends but I get along.

After I finished the make-up I pulled up my hair into a high pony. I slipped, and wiggled into some blue jean skinny jeans, with a black tank tee shirt. It wasnt the cutest outfit, but Like I said love to blend in. Walking into my bed room, I spoted my black and white converse. They are my favorite shoes. I slipped them on and then walked down the stairs. I was on the edge of my toes and walking carefully. The monster was passed out on the couch. A burnt out but in the ash trey and a bottle of tequila on his chest. He had drool coming for the corner of his mouth.I gawked and rolled my eyes. He is so sick now. I cant stand it. I wish I could fix him but I cant. I made my way to the door and looked back. I felt my face melt into worry for him and I closed the door behind me. I usually leave before he wakes up and leaves for work. He only got pissed one. That was because he 'forgot' school started. I just pray he wont get mad ever again.

When I got to school, the halls were already filled. It wasn't the biggest school, but when its before class, it seems bigger than ever. Making my way to my locker I noticed the worst people at school, were already leaning against it. James Tolker, and Evan Branks. Evan, the tall skinny one, was pounding his fist into his palm. James, the fatty. Was leaning with his arms crossed. He was biting his lip and his uni brow was scrunched up. I stopped, slouching in front of them. "Look was the cat dragged in. Another pussy." James spoke up, standing up and getting in my fave. I backed away and looked up at him. He may be short, but hes taller than me. "Can you please move?" They both laughed and James grabbed my collar pulling me closer. "Looks like we gotta polite one here.'' I rolled my eyes and pushed him, back. Causing his hands to get off. I pushed passed them and opened my locker. Just one second after my locker was closed, and I was spun around, pressed against the locker. I looked around. Looking for help. I hadnt noticed but the halls were now empty. I looked at the clock to see it WAS time for school to start. I was jerked forward and slammed back into the locker, realizing they were talking to me. I closed my eyes and winced. The Dial on the locker slammed into my back and a sharp pain was sent up and down. "Answer!'' Evan yelled, spitting in my face. It took my awhile to focus on them and I shook my head. "You little bitch!" Evan spoke, slamming his fist into the locker next to my face. I felt the horror on my face, I couldnt hid it.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" I heard a voice yell. I saw the look on their faces, and they scrammed. I picked up my back from the floor, I didnt even noticed they knocked out of my hand. I look back up and the source of the voice to see a boy. He hand brown short hair and brown eyes. He was tall. Well compared to me. His was cute. a tattoo on his bare arm. Four arrows pointing up. ''Hey, you alright?" He asked, resting a hand on my shoulder. I smiled effortlessly and nodded. "Yeah thanks." He smiled and scratched the back of his neck. "Im Liam, Liam Payne." He smiled and fixed his hair. "Alexa, Alexa Jones. But my friends call me Lexa. If I had any." That last part I mumbled under my breath. I couldnt let him know I didnt have any friends. He was cute. Obviously new too. I smiled and opened my locker. "Whats your first class?'' His head snapped back and he laughed. "What makes you think Im new?" I laughed and shook my head. "You just got that awkward look." He laughed, pointing a finger at me. "Ha. Ha. Ha. You are a funny one aren't you?" I nodded and gave him a cheesy smile.



"My first class."

"Ohh. Haha. Totally slipped my mind." I laughed grabbing my English books. "Yours too?" I nodded. "And guess what. There's a spot right next to mine." I cant believe how much I am talking to him. I don't talk to anyone. He seems great.

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