Chapter 14

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Punks pov

"I'm not sure about that but I'm 100 percent sure were the police station is" the guy looked at me looked down at Olivia then back at me "i don't need the police station" i look at him with anger in my eyes, liv whispers in my ear "let's just go" i see the fear in her eyes I kiss her on the lips and take her hand, he looked at Olivia "oh I see, you didn't want me yesterday because you are Fucking this dude like a tramp" i turned around and punched him in the face, Olivia grabbed my hand and tugged it, I turn around and peck her lips and walk away.

After the Owen incident me and Olivia went shopping, now we're back at the hotel room and liv is straddling me kissing my lips, I lay her down gently, "i want you to come to Chicago with me" i say breaking the kiss, I see a smile form on her lips, "I'd love to come to Chicago with you" i kiss her lips "i will book the tickets for tonight" she frowns and I know what's coming next "i will pay my own way" i look at her and raise my eyebrow, "no you won't I'm paying and that's final" she raises an eyebrow and before she could answer I kiss her with all the love I have for her in my body.

Whilst Olivia showers I quickly book are flights to Chicago, i have never been this happy with a girl, she lights up my life, after booking the tickets Olivia comes in with just my t-shirt on and obviously under wear underneath, it is so hard to keep my hands off her "are flight is at 1:32am they had no other flight with space on" i say, liv bends over and pecks my lips "thank you for everything" i smile and peck her lips back, before I know it were kissing passionately and Olivia is straddling me, I flip her over and kiss her neck, I hear a moan escape her mouth, I pull away knowing this is not right, we should wait, "Phil I want you please don't stop" "this isn't special liv," she gives me a sad smile "to me it is because it is with you, I want to feel you all of you," i sigh and kiss her lips knowing she has won, I slide my t shirt off her and run my hands over her body, she pulls my top off and kisses every inch of my chest and stomach she slips my pants and boxers off as I unclip her bra and nickers, I run my tongue over her nipple as I massage her clit, I insert a finger in her she wimpers as I insert another, I kiss her softly on her lips as I run my tongue down her body, I slide my fingers out gently and massage her clit more faster I run my tounge back up and kiss her lips I feel her body tense as she loses control and convulses whilst saying my name, I slide a comdom on and ease myself gently in, I can see the pain in her eyes I kiss her softly on the lips "its okay princess, it will stop hurting soon I promise" she nods her head as I moved in and out slowly, god she is really tight, I move in and out slowly one more time, and liv moans and starts to move with me, the pain has gone from her eyes, we both move together until we both reach are climax, I kiss liv on the lips "i love you" i whisper her face lights up "i love you too" i ease out of her gently and peck her lips I go to the bathroom smiling as I despose of the comdom, I walk back into the bedroom and see Olivia sleeping, I lay down next to her and put her head on my chest, as I run my fingers through her hair. This girl makes me feel complete, I smile as I watch her sleep.

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