Chapter 23

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Olivia pov

It's cold, I really wish I didn't hear what I did I wake up every morning on my own throwing up with morning sickness, im currently 4 months pregnant and still can't keep anything down but only in mornings afternoons and evenings I can, I miss phil he has something of mine he has my heart.

I pick up my phone trying to decide weather to call phil its the same routine every day trying to make my mind up weather to call him, but today is different I realise that I love him to muchto lose him so I push the courage to ring him, it's funny how a number is engraved in your brain the number of the one you miss it hit dial, on the second ring he answers.

"uhh hello whos this?" i hear him say,

I take a deep breath "ummm hey" i whisper quietly

I hear an intake of breath "liv is that you" phil stutters

"yeah its me" i choke out.

" where are you I need you liv I miss you everyday is the baby okay?"

"the baby's fine don't like food in mornings though" i try to avoid telling him where I am right now I'm in a run down apartment building in new york.

"where are you I'll come and get you" phil says

"I'm in new york phil" i let out a sob

"shhhhhh baby don't cry where to I will come get you"

I take a deep breath and tell him where I am, I hang up after saying bye and sit and think if I did the right thing, all I know is i need to make it hard for him, I don't want him to buy my love I want him to always show me how to love.

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