Corbin just finish practicing and were on our way back to my house. He sitting next to me with no shirt on and believe me im trying not to crash the car. focus Drea Focus. Keep you got damn eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. After refocusing myself we finally made it to the house. I got out my dad"s car and walked up to the porch to open the door. Corbin followed. as soon as I walked to my room it was a note stuck to my door.

TheNote: Hey, Drea, mommy and daddy went on a little vacation ...For a month. I'm sorry we didn't warn you. You could have your cousin Chresanto over. Or maybe even your little boyfriend Corbin. BUT NO FUCKING OR SUCKING understand. If we find out your ass is thrown glass which means it will be broken. Love you always mommy and daddy. Be safe.

_End of note_

I crumpled the note up and tossed it on the floor. that's bullshit. How they just gonna leave FOR A MOTHERFUCKING MONTH. Like where could they have gone ....on a cruise like seriously. They could have atleast told me. I probably would have freaked out but I would have eventually gone over it. I actually thought about it and decided to call Chresanto and his sister And told them to come over.

Me: ( falls on the bed ) this is some pure bullshit

Corbin: ( sits next to me) what

Me:'my parents went somewhere and left me here line for a month talking bout you can call Chresanto and Corbin and jada like BIYCH I'm in the house alone

Corbin: don't freak out about it

Me: i don't think I can

Corbin: I'll let you braid my hair

Me:( jumps up) SOLDDD!!

That's the first time he ever let me touch his hair.EVER. Not even when we were 3 he always gave me a speech about how precious it is to him. This feels good to touch it. So soft and curly like Mr.Perez exept not as big and well rounded.

Corbin: you done

Me: I didn't even put a braid in

Corbin: oh....OH YEA. Can u please wash it cuz my sister poured apple juice in it and I never cleaned it

Me: in how long

Corbin: week

Me: eww let's go

I grabbed my shampoo and was washing his hair when the doorbell rung. I stopped washing his hair and went to open the door. When I opened it Chresanto gave me a huge hug and lifted me up. When I looked behind him he had his sister and another boy named rayan. I hugged his sister and hugged rayan even though I didn't know him.

Chresanto: damn cuz when you get so pretty

Jada:( Chresanto sister) swerve I was always the pretty one

Rayan: so ma you got a boyfriend

Me: yea

Chresanto: where he at imma beat h-( gets cut off)

Corbin: aye Drea this shampoo is getting in my eye

Chresanto: that's Corbin

Me: yea

Chresanto: ( walks in the kitchen and I follow) wassup nigga long time no see

Corbin: yea how u been bra

Chresanto: ight and you

Corbin: I'm ok

Me:( rinses out his hair and grabbed a towel to dry it ) wallah magic