Prologue ~ 12 April 1934

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Prologue ~ 12 April 1934

  ~No POV~

Ten times the clock sounds through the house when Niall Horan stands up from his warm place on the couch. He's a normal farmer boy, his family not that rich. They can't afford a phone just yet. The device had been brought out a few years ago, only for the rich people though. The Horan's even have to work on the fields with a wooden plow, tied behind a horse.

They are happy though. The Horan's don't need money to be happy. They just need each other. And a good beer sometimes. There is no one who doesn't like the happy Irish family, so no one could have guessed what would happen this very night.

"Goodnight, mother." Niall says and kisses his mother on her cheek.

"Goodnight, father." He says and repeats the same action by his dad. It's something that happens every night at bedtime in the house.

"Goodnight, son." The parents then say together and smile at the blonde before he goes upstairs to his bedroom.

Niall sighs. He's very tired since he worked on the field the whole day. The new crops were now ready to grow and with a bit of luck, Niall and his parents would have some food during summer.

Niall slips his suspenders from his shoulders and kicks out his wooden clogs. Then he steps out of his pants and dirty shirt before he puts on the warm cotton pajamas his mother made him last winter.

Before he dives in his bed, Niall sits down on his knees in front of it. He makes a cross on his forehead before crossing his hands and closing his eyes.

"Dear God, please take care of my parents. They took good care of me. I pray also that the harvest will succeed, so will have something to eat. You've been good for us, thank you." He prays and soon enough he makes another cross on his forehead to end the prayer.

Then he finally slips under the sheets. His eyes are only just closed when he falls asleep.


Niall's eyes shoot open. He heard something in the house. That's weird, It's still dark outside, no one should be up yet.

Suspicious, Niall get's out of his bed and walks into the corridor. He can't flick on a light, cause the house where he lives is too far away from the city to have electricity. They still need to light candles.

Soon his blue eyes are adjusted to the darkness and he walks a bit further, until he sees it. There, in the living room is burning a candle, throwing shadows on the wall which Niall can see. It's not the candle that scares him, it's the shadow that makes his eyes go wide. It's a man with a gun in his hand. 

Before he can stop it, a gasp slips past his lips. 

"Did you hear that?" A man's voice whispers from the living room. 

"Yeah," Footsteps sound through the silence and as fast as possible Niall dives behind a corner to hide.

What are they doing here on this time? Will they kill him and his family? Are they here to steal their belongings?

Thoughts are racing through the blonde boy's head. He didn't even hear the footsteps coming in his direction. 

A loud screams leaves his lips as suddenly someone grabs him and picks him up with his collar.

"Well, well, what do we have here." The man holding Niall says smirking. The man's friend is standing behind him, pointing the gun at Niall.

"Please, let me go." Niall begs scared. 

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