Chapter (1) Reuniting

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A/N: HI guys! This story takes place during the 5 year skip in Young Justice.

These characters do not belong to me. All rights reserved to Dc Comics.

Third Person POV

It's been seven months since Dick became Nightwing. Things are still kind of, weird, with Bruce and Dick. He's still one of them. He'll always be one of them. But it's still weird. The tension is always thick when Batman and Nightwing are together. Especially in the bat cave.

Heh, Dick's still trying to get used to being called 'Nightwing.'

But the hardest thing is the tension between him and Babs. He didn't leave to get away from her, but she still kind of felt abandoned. It was weird at mount justice, it was like they forgot how to talk to each other. To be honest, the tension kind of started before he became Nightwing. Barbara didn't quite understand how It got like this, but she was determined to get things back to the way it was. They hadn't really talked through summer, nevertheless, Barbara missed her best friend. Plus it was their senior year in high school this year. She wasn't going to get through this year without him.

Barbara walked in to Gotham Academy and went over to her locker. Like always Dick's was right next to her's. She bit her lip to suppress the wild smile that broke out whenever she saw him. She noticed that he had gotten a little taller, and his shoulders seemed broader than they were last time she had seen him. I mean yeah, Dick always was strong, but this was different. She could literally see his six pack through his white button down. She noticed that his features were slightly more chiseled. She had to catch herself as her gaze went over him, never being able to settle on one thing for too long. From his messy hair, to his full lips that weren't too big, to his defined jaw and the slope of his neck that led to the define curve of his collarbone and further until she had to remind herself that this was the boy she grew up with. She continued walking to the former boy wonder until she was at her locker.

He looked over to the locker next to him to see who was there. All he saw was her fiery red hair as she hid her face behind the locker door. "Hey Babs." Dick greeted, his usual smirk on his mischievous face. Barbara took in a breath before moving her face from behind the medal door. Her smile was more of just a corner of her plump lips lifting, but it showed in her eyes enough to make it sincere.

Dick's mouth went dry when he saw her smile at him. She had matured a lot this past year, and I guess it was just now hitting him. She was always pretty, but now she had a- she had a body. He hated himself for checking out his best friend, but he couldn't help it. That's where his seventeen year old mine took over and he looked her up and down. He noticed how tan and smooth her legs were as they were shown off by her short plaid uniformed skirt. His eyes made their way to her upper body. She was toned and lean. She had curves that he was most certain weren't there last year. She had a tiny waist and full hips, something he'd never had the chance to notice before, but it wasn't until his eyes made their way to her chest- that's when he started randomly choking on air. For some reason, he started to get hot and undid his tie a little bit, in that sloppy way he always did.

"Are you okay, Grayson?" Barbara asked with wide eyes. Worry seeped into her voice at his sudden outburst and he felt his cheeks burn.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine." he said as he cleared his throat and looked around the hall, his eyes purposely avoiding her's.

Barbara just laughed causing Dick to smile. He loved her laugh.

He had missed her.

Things haven't really been the same since he became Nightwing. But he was going to change that.

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