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It had already been 2 weeks since Yuu got the job.  And it's only been 1 week since he started to actually enjoy it a bit,  working for the model wasn't all that bad after they talked and had so much in common. That still didn't stop them from annoying the living hell out of each other

*sights* love.. Am I right? 

We'll... It's not love yet you see. Yuu hasn't really accepted the fact that he finds something about Mika attractive, no not because he has good looks and he's a famous model,  but something else,  and even himself couldn't describe it.  He was now what people call

Sexually confused

But he wasn't the only one feeling that wa-

~Yuus pov~

It was time for me to get up and go work along side the model I've been assigned to,  I'll admit, he can be nice but I'm not letting him win the bet.

As I get dressed and lock my apartment door I walked in the street and see.. A person in a kinda cartoonish tuxedo?  Either way,  he was talking to himself

"He wasn't the only one feeling that wa-" he got hit by a... Wait never mind it was just him smashing into a wall for not paying attention. I let out a sight, people these days. They don't realize the most obvious things that are in front of them,  like what I had just said I saw Mika waiting for me in front of my view of the building. "Stop looking around at people and pay attention to where your headed idiot"

(I'm fine btw just... Playing Pokemon go? while I told you what was going on)

Mika is so dead I swear , I stomped around madly trying to find him,  he had an important meeting and no one can find him???  Unbelievable that guy is so dead!!!

I say to myself as I entered his office and find him there reading a book ..

"MIKA " I say madly as he looked up at me with a calm expression "what do you want pet can't you tell I'm trying to read?" I took his book away as he looked at me annoyed "you have an important meeting to be in idiot!!!" "I already told them I wasn't going" and with that he grabbed the book again,  I grabbed his collar a bit "if they say it's important than you need to get your ass out of the chair and go!" I growled madly as he looked at me silently and then smirked as he took my hand and..

~~~3rd person~~~

Mikaela grabbed Yuus hands and pinned him to the table as the other jumped and gasped a bit in surprised and anger "what the fuck are you doing?!" Yuu screamed out as Mikaela laughed a bit "how dare you talk to me that way?  Don't forget I am the one who does the orders here, not you,  your just a pet,  my pet" Yuu gulped as Mikaela soon let go.  He was the dominant type indeed...

Yuichiro walked away blushing a bit and went to wash his face a bit.

~~~Yuus pov~~~

I walked back from the bathroom as I sighed and remembered what had happened a few moments ago... And then every other memory I have had with Mika,  I couldn't help but blush since all of them we're pretty great memories.  What... Blushing?  Who me?  Hell no.

I walk into his room again but this time just sit down on a chair,  Mika looks at me and smirks "Hey boy,  down" he said demanding like if I was a... I boiled with anger as he laughed at me and then kept on reading,  I can't believe that he just treated me like a dog. I'll kill him I swear.

"Mika your such an idiot I swear, so..when can I take you pictures???"

"Pftt... Never" there he goes again,  he doesn't give me a goddam chance!!!!

"And why not?!  It's not like you mind!!!!!  Just let me and stop the stupid challenge already!!!!" I screamed a bit as I sat looking at him as I held a cup of water,  he looked at me with a straight face "don't yell,  don't tell me what to do,  don't talk to me, I'm reading" he went back to his book,  it made me even angrier,  I was sick already,  I hate the way he treats me!!! Even if we say we would call each other by nick names he keeps calling me disgusting names you would give to a slut or something. It makes me so angry. "Mika why are you so mean to me?!  What did I do to you?!  Why do you have to tease me all the time!!" He looked at me again

~~~Mikas pov~~~

I looked at him annoyed,  I know I teased him but honestly I don't feel really productive today and just want to read,  and he was getting on my nerves.   "I do whatever I fucking want brat,  now leave" he didn't listen and kept on talking and talking. I had gotten sick of it "look, let me get to the point,  I'm not going to give you the pictures and I might never will,  the truth is,  I don't want someone like you taking pictures of me or models,  your not capable" I say with a straight face and I crossed my legs.


All i felt was water being splashed right at my face as I heard footsteps fastly leave the room. I felt bad really... I didn't want to say that but I did... I am so sorry

I fucked up

~~~Yuus pov~~~

I couldn't believe him,  he's such an asshole!!  I hate him I hate him I hate him so much!!! I walked madly away as tears left my eyes... It's not fair... I've worked so hard to get on his good side and now he comes in saying those things?? As I walked I went to get something to drink and calmed down as I remembered what happened and what I did to him.  He deserved it honestly.  I feel like he hates me even after we talked and worked together for 2 weeks already.  And now he's squishing my dream..?  I don't get it... I gulped down the rest of my drink

I walked away more as I looked at the ground, soon it was really silent, like if no one was there,  fastly someone put a blindfold in my eyes and mouth and dragged me away

"Ooo what is someone as cute as you doing here... ~ tehee~!"

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