the fire burns...but cares?

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"Haaah..! Hahh..."

I've been running around all day just because of that idiot ordering me around without a break. How much can I guy like him want?!  He's so bossy it's irritating but I have to do it for now. Plus his negativity will be at use since I won't be able to even think of praising or saying some nice to him. I just sat down in a little couch in his office as I tried to calm my breathing,  the last 10 minutes we're the worst.

"Why are you sitting down.  Go get me lunch." He said while crossing his legs and looking at me "can't I get a break!" I say still panting softly as I glared at him "oh come on, your already tired?" I pouted as he smirked at me "n-no... I just... It's hot in this building and it's making me.. Tired?" Geee nice one Yuu that was a great excuse...  I just saw him smirk and walk to me with a big cup that he filled it up and got some ice from the little fridge he has "here... You look like you could use some water" I reached out with a smile "well thank y-"

"AHHHH!  COLD COLD COLD!!" I start screaming and panicking as I felt the ice cubes running down my back and chest as the cold water also hits my body I start moving around trying to take the cubes away but they just keep sliding and moving more so I had to wait for them to melt away,  now my shirt was completely wet.
"Buajajajajaja!!!  That was an amazing reaction Yuichiro. You should be in a video,  oh wait... You are now" he took out a little camera and connected it to the computer as the video popped out as I watched in horror as he did get everything in camera,  he was besides me laughing his ass off as I looked at me "delete it now!!!!!" I say embarrassed as I shivered from how wet I was and how cold the room was "hmm... How about no?" He kept laughing as I hit his chest with my wet hands "delete it delete it delete it!" He just kept laughing ..ignoring me..

"I'll delete it,  if!  You beg and say that I'm the best thing that has ever happened to this world and your life and that I win the deal ~ easy right?" He said smirking as I growled at him "hell no!  I'm not doing that!".   "Alright then" he hit a button and saved the video as he chuckled "you should have listened,  your job would be so much easier as well~ well... Except with no pictures to get your dream job of course." I wanted to hit him so much... But I stayed calm "revenge for the coffee. You said it was hot in the room but how is it now hmm?~" he kept on teasing.
I sighed deeply as I looked at him "yeah it's pretty cold.. And now that I'm all wet.." I got closer to him as he stepped back "but it's okay... I have someone to cuddle to get dry" I smirked at him and hugged him fastly before he could run away and tackled him as I kept on drying myself on him making him pretty wet, not that much but just enough to get him angry. "GET OFF OF ME LET ME GO EWW IM NOT A TOWEL YOU BRAT" he pushed me as I laughed "thanks for helping me now if you excuse me" I smiled and waved as he glared at me madly, I knew he was about to shout at me so I took my leave right away "I'll go get you something to eat~"


You know what?  I wanted to make Mikaela something very special!  So I decided to make it from the bottom of the depths of hell! ~ I'm going to cook something deeeeelicious for him! Yup!  I knew my bad cooking skills would come in handy someday.  I start making him some 'food' with an evil smirk creeping out on my face


I might have burned part of their fancy kitchen but it was worth it. The dish looked amazing from the outside. But in the inside it'll be the devil itself when he takes a bite,  I start putting the last ingredient here and there 'hot sauce' hehe.. It's the spiciest that was in the kitchen and I tried it a bit.  My mouth is still a bit numb because of it. I smiled as I sprinkled a little bit in the dish,  maybe a bit more... 


I enter his office bringing the plate of food "finally brat, get over here and give me the food already" he said with some venom in his voice,  I guess hes still had that I hugged him, I still have the wet shirt on,  but it kinda dried with the heat in the kitchen. I walked over to him with a slow pace since I knew he had to be hungry and I was right,  it looked like he could start drooling anytime now.  I put the plate on his table and walked away "and where are you going?" I looked back at him in confusion "I didn't tell you to leave yet" I walked over to him again "good, now why don't you be a good doggie and feed your master as you tell him how much your sorry for how you've treated me" he said with this irritating voice like if he was teasing me. I smiled at him as I tried to be nice as I screamed at him internally. "Why of course" I cleared my throat and took a big spoon of the food as to shoved it in his mouth harshly as anger kinda took control...but only a little bit of anger "alright ... I am sorry for you! Hope your tongue doesn't burn to death idiot!" Ok... More than a bit of anger.

I looked at his surprised face as he spat it out "ew... This taste bad where did you buy this shit?" Wha.. But I gave him a spoon full with a lot of hot sauce.. "Wait isn't your mouth catching fire?" I asked him as he drank some water "tch what are you saying brat,  why would it. It's already horrible by itself and the smell.. My nose is going to rot,  throw that away"
I looked at him "but isn't it spicy?"
He looked at me back and smiled "why don't you answer that yourself?" He grabbed my waist as he stood up and with the other hand grabbed the spoon with the food as I tried to struggle "n-no thank you!  I'm not hungry hahaha!" He forcefully stuffed the food in my mouth as the horrible taste got to my tounge what made it worst is the spiceness,  I thought I was breathing fire for a second, "h-hmph!" He let go of my waist as I ran to the trash can and spat out the horrible combination of things I threw in the so called 'food' but even if I spat it out.. The flavor wouldn't leave my mouth even after drinking water. He just stared at me "I'm not affected by hot sauce like you are,  your so delicate you know" he said and chuckled as I kept drinking cups of water,  finally the taste left my mouth and I calmed down "feed me something like that again and I'll punish you pet" he said and smiled innocently "r-right" that food really affected me because I was feeling pretty nauseous,  he sighed deeply as he went to me "go home and stop being so childish to actually cook something, your not good at it." That comment didn't really hurt me since I already knew I was bad at it, but... The way he said it... It was like he cared... I nodded my head and started leaving but I started to run again to the trash can since I actually needed to vomit again,  and so I did.  God that food was bad,  I don't even know what I put on it. When I finished I saw Mikaela not so far off "I'll go with you to your house since you feel sick. You owe me tho" he grabbed my bag and started walking as I followed silently

Why is he caring..

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