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~salty kings point of view (Yuu)~

Huh... Two days seem to pass on so quickly.  I can't believe it's finally time.  I'm really excited and I'm prepared of course,  I bought some good casual clothes and have been practicing all day yesterday what I would say to people when I introduce myself.  It was now 7 in the morning since I was almost too excited to sleep the hole night so I woke up early,  I took a shower and did my morning things, I was now just sitting on my bed as I spaced out,  thinking on how my job is going to be like I seriously am looking forward to it.  It's like when you tell a kid they're going to dysney land


Finally it was time

I just walked to the big fancy building at a moderate pace since I was quite early.  I smiled when I walked in and went to the lady in the desk "good morning Mr..." She stretched out the 'Mr.' As she had forgotten to ask my name yesterday "Hyakuya,  Yuichiro Hyakuya" I said with a bright smile as I looked at her,  she smiled back "right Mr. Hyakuya,  your here quite early that's a good start on a job I hope it goes well with you" she said and smiled again and then told me we're I would be headed,  to the boss's office. I guess he wants to meet me since I am new and I hope he tells me more about my jo-

"Wait... I am here to photograph... Right?" I finally remembered that question,  I'm such an idiot.
I waited for her answer but she didn't even look at me she just typed away ignoring me.  But she was so nice..  She then looked at me and smiled "have a nice day,  the boss's office is in the 50th floor a.k.a the last floor" I nodded in response and left towards the elevator, whats up with her?  Couldn't she answer such a simple question?  When I got in the elevator I pressed the button to the last floor and put my bag down since it would take a while to get there and I had my camera set in there,  it wasn't much but it was pretty good plus it's heavy.

I soon got to the 50th floor and took my bag as I walked down a hallway, it was really fancy and not much people we're there,  I soon came across a big glass door and pushed it opened and walked in.  I saw a big office and sitting down was a guy with gray hair. Smirking at me?  He seems pretty old-ish man even though he's kinda sexy?  I don't know really its confusing looking at him,  he seems annoying as well "um excuse me I'm here for-" "the job I know Yuuichiro" he cut me off and smirked at me as he looked at some papers "so you'll be working on my side of the company in the male models" I nodded and stared at him as he smiled "so yuu are you straight??" I looked at him dumbfounded "of course I am straight" he smirked at me "not for long I bet~" my jaw dropped to the floor "wait until you see the models~ I picked them out myself since I know what's best~" he continued to praise himself like if he was a king,  I just stared at him and then remembered something "wait let me show you if the gear I have can be useful uh... Boss?"

"Oh yes call me Ferid-sama~" OK now my jaw dropped until the 1st floor,  he walked closer to me and lifted up my chin as I tried to back up "someone as cute as you shouldn't be working like this~ you should be a model yourself..  You could be a lolita type you know,  I would put you on the center of the magazine since you look cute as a girl but your a boy~"

"What?!  I'm not here to model,  I'm here to help photograph!" I said kinda furious he called me cute,  my cheeks felt hot for a moment.  He looked at me confused and then smirked "who said anything about photography? ~" he cupped my cheeks and smiled at me "let's just say your the companies 'pet' even though it's 'pet' mainly for the models~!" I couldn't believe what he was saying,  I pushed him away and looked at him "what?!  What do you mean 'pet'?!"

"Yuu' are here to help the models and their wishes,  and get me some coffee I need my stamina ya know" he poked my nose and giggled as I sighed deeply not pleased with the situation at all,  I mean who would want to be a 'pet' that has to do what other people in these case models want! "Ahaha... Mr. Ferid I think I got the wrong job" I say nicely trying to get on his good side since I really don't want this job anymore.. "Oh no I think you have am excellent job,  lucky yuu ~"

This day is being the worst right now. "Please I don't want to be a 'pet' that's lame!"

"I'm sorry Yuu but I don't think your that capable of anything else" he smiled innocently like if what he said wouldn't kinda offend me. "I will now give you one model to help out since it's your first time but soon you'll help whoever passes by you" he soon called someone in by the name of 'Mika-chan'

Soon a blonde haired man walked in "what the hell do you want Ferid" he said kinda pissed off
"As beautiful as always Mika-chan~!"
Wait hold on... That voice I heard... Oh no...

I turned around to look at the person as my eyes widened,  seems like he's surprised as well since he had the same reaction as me

"What is he doing here?!" We both said at the same time as we pointed at one another

"Oh so you both know each other... You guys dating?"


"yup...i ship it already ...so I'm just going to get to the point,  Mika-chan,  Yuu will be you assistant or better yet 'pet' and will be helping you in your matters"

Yuu went to Ferid and got close to him "please Mr. ferid don't leave me with this... This... Piece is ass!-"
"Fine ass if you tell me~"
"Shut up and let me talk! Let me show you what I can do!  I can take beautiful pictures!  Just give me a chance!" I begged him with all my might,  I just heard this 'Mika' let out a laugh as I just glared at him and then look back at Ferid "well...  Maybe I will give you a chance,  but.. The pictures I want to see need to involve a model and my personal favorite if you want my approval is Mika-chan~ so use him as the model,  take all the time you need to take them but make them good,  even if I'm giving you the chance your still under the name 'pet' so make sure to help out Mika-chan,  now you two sure to be gay get out" he pushed us out of his office and locked the doors as he let out a deep laugh and soon silence

No way...


I will take the best pictures he'll ever see,  I will make him remember them until his last breath...

"Pfft alright then.. Let's go..  Pet" he smirked

Like I said,  this is like telling a kid they're going to dysney land... In 8 months... I better get this pics and quick!

Whoop whoop thanks for reading
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