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💢YUU's point of view💢

Finally when I think I was falling asleep my alarm turns on telling me it's already morning. I've been up all night trying to find a good job that will help me pay for my apartment and buy the kids back in the orphanage some candy since I promised them and believe me, I never brake a promise

I started to get ready for the day groaning here and there since I really didn't want to wake up. I'm trying to find a job at this age since well I can't go to college right now I don't have the money but I have the brains and I guess that's not enough. Seriously why should people pay for college if it's for learning that also goes for school. We should be able to go without paying in my opinion plus no one even likes it.

Anyways I start my daily routine walking everywhere around my apartment as I remember once more what I needed to do. When I was done I just ate some cereal since I can't cook. I know right I can't cook at this age.. I bet you can't either


I had woken up at 8. 8 I tell you and it's already 1??? I haven't found a good job yet and I'm running out of daylight here! I won't be able to pay rent soon since all I've done are 20 bucks per week and the help from my friend which was considerate enough to help me. I guess I can't keep doing my original job.. The one I've dreamed off. Yeah I know it's stupid but I've always found a liking on photography, there's just something about it that calms me and makes me happy. But it isn't a good job if people don't recognize you for it. I guess I should just find something el-

"HOLY SHIT?! " I accidentally screamed out as I was walking and saw a piece of paper taped to the glass door as it said 'help needed' but what caught me the most is that it was from one of the most famous companies in Tokyo. It was-

I know this is stupid but like I'm bad at thinking names so what should the model magazine be called? Plz help me , i-ill... Give you a cookie k? ╯ω╰

With my eyes wide I quickly sprinted inside with the paper as I went to the lady behind the desk

"Excuse me but I'm here for the job offer?" I quickly said and smiled

The lady looked at me for a moment and then typed in her computer "Alright Sir, I will give you some papers for you to fill out and I will soon tell you when you start" she said still typing away and then waited for the papers to be printed out "wait? Is that it? No interview? No nothing?" She just nodded and handed me the papers "it's all in the papers"
I took the papers and sat down on the high class room, actually I forgot to notice all the body guards and how pretty this place is, well I don't notice lots of things sometimes. I started reading and answering things like my name, sex, month of birth, and other things. I soon realized that none of the questions we're about photography but I shrugged it off since they were quite a few pages and soon forgot about that question in my head. I got up and gave the woman the papers, she looked at them and then looked at me and smiled at me with... pity? "We'll then you start in two days at 8 in the morning... Good luck.. Your going to need it" I looked at her confused but she fastly went back to typing in her computer. I was going to ask her but then again I GOT A JOB FINALLY! I smiled to myself as I continue on my silent celebration this could be a good opportunity and who knows, I might meet great people

I turned around to leave but as I wasn't really paying attention I bumped into someone and tripped hitting the ground

"Oophm sor-"
"Whatch we're your going idiot" A voice interrupted as I look up as I get up on my own, he didn't even offer a hand and he just called me an idiot?💢
I madly get closer to him eyeing him angrily
"What did you just call me asshole? It was also your fault and what's with that attitude of yours??"
He glared at me as he was a bit taller than me but I wasn't really concentrating much on his detail, just on how angry he had made me, and something good finally happen! Unbelievable! He started walking away but I heard him mumble just one thing before left completely



"ARGH! unbelievable! How dare he?! Great just great! I get something good and makes me happy for what? A second??? And then that piece of trash just has to ruin it?! What is someone with that attitude even doing in a place like that!?"

Everyone and when I mean everyone was staring at me as I stomped all the way back home furious. I don't get over things quickly and that guy got on my nerves faster than anything. Seriously how can a person be so selfish on a little accident like that?! If it was a woman I would have already said he was on his period.

"How can be even calls me that word when he doesn't even know me?! I'm not a child! A brat?! Hes the brat. An annoying one for sure!"

I madly walked up the tiny set of stairs and get in my apartment as I just throw my bag in the floor and flop on my bed, sighting deeply I start to remember all the things that happened today and how great it is to finally find a job. Being part of an orphanage is tough since I feel the need to look after all of them since I'm the 'older brother' and I just want them to have a good life. But I couldn't do it without a job, and now that I have one and I bet it pays well since the company is hella famous. I will buy the kids candy everyday! But.. No promises

I smiled at how my thoughts we're on the good side, then my frown came back when I started thinking about that man, let me admit, he was quite handsome but how rude he was, Is not going to get him far. I hope I don't meet people like that at work, I bet I won't be seeing him, I laid in bed at ease and smiled as I let positive things come back as it was already 4 in the afternoon so I couldn't go to bed yet so instead I got some magazines out of my closet, I use them for research or examples in how I want my pictures to be or in what angle they use you know? It will also help me on the job. I giggled to myself like a girl as I looked threw the magazines as I moves my legs in an up and down matter, soon I took a magazine from the company I will start working in two days with. I started looking at all the beautiful feminine models and how the background and props looked nice with what she was wearing and the poses.

~3rd persona~
He started flipping the pages until he stopped when the male models appeared, it didn't really interest him at all but something did caught his eye

A blonde haired man that seemed his age but so... Mature. He truly was beautiful and he looked so gentle the way he looked at the camera was sexy but sweet and gentle at the same time. Yuu couldn't even describe it himself, he just stared at the gorgeous man in the picture as he read in the bottom the name of the man 'Mikaela Shindo..' he then remembered something "ha?" Oh, looks like our main character turned rather... Pale? Yes he just realized he was staring at the man that not too long ago today was calling him an idiot and glaring at Yuu, he couldn't even believe it was him, maybe it is just some other guy with blonde hair yeah probably he thought "that ass hole couldn't possibly work there! Haha..!" He shrugged it off but even he felt a bad feeling about it, it got on his nerves even more. He decided to go eat something from the kitchen and tomorrow buy some clothes to look more decent and get ready for his first day in his job in 2 days.

"This will be great!" He began drinking milk from the fridge as he thought of his job

"Why is the milk sour?!" He spat it out and coughed as the taste stayed in his mouth, he looked at the date... A week... Expired... Holy shit why didn't he know sooner???? Thats so gross
He quickly left to wash his mouth

Those few hours before night we're the worst in his life, first the milk was sour, he went to get a piece of Brownie to make up for the milk and turns out the Brownie kinda just went hard from being on the fridge to much and he couldn't even cut threw it. He went to shower .. Turns out the hot water was out, ha... Almost all his clothes in dirty laundry what the he'll was going on???

"It's like... The universe is telling me something big and bad is going to happen soon"


"Yeah right, like if it would, I'm just having a bad day right now, except getting that job, it's the best thing ever! "

Ha... So he thought

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