is he nice or mean?

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~smol stubborn yuus point of view~

Another day has come. Today's going to be a good day....
"good day my ass.."

I get up from bed and stretch it out as I start thinking on what I should eat before leaving, who am I kidding cereal it is. I dress up and do my normal things In the bathroom and soon go eat cereal.

I locked the door to my apartment and start walking towards my new 'working' place. I am walking and not taking the bike because I don't care if I'm late anymore. I don't want to be someones 'pet' , especially that guys..

But I know I can do it I'm just too lazy it can't be that hard getting coffee for that idiot. Plus Mr. Ferid said if I can get some good pictures out and show him he might let me help with the companies photographs. Why is everyone looking at me? Oh.. I just noticed I fist bumped the air and I was talking out loud... Sigh...


As soon as I walk in to the building I'm greeted by the person I did not want to see yet 'Mikaela'. He had crossed his arms and taped his feet to the ground like an angry mother waiting for her son from a party I've seen on movies. I smiled at him annoyed as he just glared at me "your late by 10 minutes" I ignore his statement "good morning Mr. Shit-Shindo" Oops almost said something else, silly me~! I giggled to myself as he just came closer to me, I stepped back looking at him to see what's his problem "bow" eh? Wha? "Bow, what are you waiting for pet?" He said with a bit of venom in his voice as he smirked evilly at me, I stared at him soon having an angry expression "excuse me? What did you just say?" I ask trying not to already blow up and start talking trash

"I am your master now, and you will do what I say pet, don't think this job will be easy"

"You are taking the pet thing to seriously idiot, I am just here to bring you coffee or something" I respond right away getting annoyed with his attitude. "Nu uh uh~ Ferid said anything that I wish for, and that's what your going to do" hes smirk grew more as I stared in disbelief at him "and what if I say no huh?? You can't order me around!" I say almost at the point that my head is boiling at how he thinks he can just order me around
"Then I won't help you with the pictures" and that did it, I went closer to him glaring at him as he did the same, for some reason it was more intimidating than before. I wanted to punch him so bad and I did since I bet won't get fired right away, plus I don't even like the job so I didn't have anything to loose plus he deserves it.

Instead of feeling my knuckles in his cheek I felt something different, I soon realized that he pinned me down to the wall harshly with both hands besides my head, my eyes widened he is stronger than he looks. I didn't think he would be strong since not many models are I think but I'm also not that strong...

He looked at my eyes smirking as I tried to escape and started squirming "l-let me go asshole!!!!" Instead he gripped tighter and getting closer "your so weak pet.." He so close I could feel his breathing in my face, my face felt red for some reason, wonder why

"First you try to punch me and now calling me names? How disgraceful of you." He said acting like if he was hurt. Then he got even closer and glared at me even more scary "listen here brat. I won't be tolerating your behavior if you act like a disgrace, so you better work with me here, if you want to play with fire then I dare you to even go close to it and see what happens" and with that he smiled innocently and let go as I leaned on the wall almost with no balance, I was shocked. I didn't think he was actually this scary. He just smiled at me sweetly "now.. Bow like a good pet" I groaned and walked away to the elevator as I heard him giggle behind me and then heard his foot steps as he followed behind but soon sprinted to the front of me "it's fine if you don't do it right away I'll just train you from step 1" he said with a straight face as we both got to the elevator. Soon other people joined in the elevator and they we're... Blushing?

"G-good morning Mikaela-sama" one woman said as she blushed more. Wait does she like him? But he's such an asshole. Wait until he responds to her-

There was silent in the elevator everyone who was there waiting for his response in silent ..
"Good morning to you as well" Mikaela said with a beautiful angelic smile that made all the people in the elevator almost faint, Yuu couldn't believe what was happening. His mouth was wide opened, why is he so mean to me then?? That piece of...

"Come on Yuu, this is the floor" he said nicely as he grabbed my hand gently and everyone fangirled as we left "he's such a great guy! And so considerate too!"

"Showing the newbie the place he sure is a great guy" and so the comments kept going shooting at us as we left the people as they fangirled.
I looked at him as he was almost dragging me from how quick he was walking and then I looked at our hands that we're still in touch, his we're so warm and mine was so cold since this place seem like it has part of the north pole inside. It made such a friction with the warmness and coldness it felt so nice, soon I caught the guy starring at me since I was spacing out just looking at our hands
"Excuse me but do I have something on my face?" I say to him as he just shook his head "oi... Why are you still holding my hand you idiot model" he smirked at me and stopped walking as he put one of his warm finger from his other hand close to my lips in a silence matter "be more quiet your annoying" I glared at him as he just starred at me calmly "I grabbed it in the first place because there are too many people in this floor to begin with, I wouldn't want my pet to get lost, it would give me more trouble than I already have with you besides me" I started to growl a bit as he kept talking, he soon let go of my cold-ish hand since he warmed it up a bit. What am I thinking?! Warmed up?!

I looked away since a little blush came to my cheeks from the cold?? I don't know anymore but surely isn't because of this bastard.

"Come on move pet" he started walking again soon a crowd of people was seen and started walking towards Mikaela bombering with questions

"Are you going to a photoshoot now Mikaela?"

"Can I get you anything?"

"Need me to help you with your makeup?"

"Wanna bang?"

And so on. He just smiled to all of them and walked inside some fancy doors, me following him closely behind, he was right I probably would have gotten lost with the croud of people. They all disgusted me already and I haven't even met them. Talking about that guy like if he was a prince.


"Oi Mikaela!" The raven haired boy called the model as he just stared at some papers "what is it Brat?! Can't you see I'm trying to sign some papers??" He said annoyed, it's been only 20 minutes and the blond was already annoyed "I've been calling you since we got here!!" Yuu said as he stood up from a chair "and I've been ignoring you? Can't you tell? Your just like an animal looking for attention, maybe that's why your a pet" Mikaela hisses as Yuu glared at him "asshole I am not looking for attention! I need to take some pictures of you to give to Mr.Ferid he already told you idiot!"

"Your the one explaining it in almost full detail if you already know I knew" he poked my nose teasingly, enjoying my anger. "And I'm trying to do something right now, we'll do it later. But you know you have to be nice to your master" I growled in anger "master your ass! Don't act like if everyone is going to praise you because I'm not and never will!"
Wait.. Why is he smirking at me..?

"Is that a challenge, Yuichiro?"

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