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Mikaela softly inched closer to the other male, feeling Yuus breath hitting his top lip as he did so. He had to admit he wasn't sure if he was thinking straight by these actions.

{no ones thinking straight here-}

His heartbeats wanted to erupt from his chest as he looked down at the other male, his mind clouded with the thought he wanted to kiss the other so bad. He could feel their lips slight touch as it made him feel slight tingling on his skin.

"Mika, don't"

Yuu suddenly said as he pushed the others hands away, getting back from the others grasp. His eyes opening as he looked over at Mikaela, who had an expression of curiosity and confusion.

As Yuu took deep breaths to stay in a calm stance he began to talk. "Don't just kiss me if you're not even interested in me. Im not falling for your BS anymore." Yuu said with a shaky breath, but he kept his confident stare at the other whom suddenly felt like putty.

"Ah.. I-I see.." That was the only think Mika could blurt out at the moment, his mouth opening and closing multiple times, never on his life has he gotten a rejection that pained him as much as this one. And he wondered why, this was only a joke right? He did it.. without thinking, as if on instinct, but he was sure it was all for a good laugh to make the other uncomfortable, just like always right?

Not at all.

Mika groaned out softly to clear his voice as Yuu stayed in the same position. "Im very sorry, you're right. No feelings in any of those actions at all" Mika said with a scoff as he stood up. "I just wanted to get your full attention, since you always seem dumb and lost."

That made Yuus hands tightened to a fist, but he didn't say anything. For some reason, deep inside he had hoped the other would say something else, correct him and say he truly...

"Of course, I'll be sure to be back at work with a sharp mind." Yuu simply responded with a smile, making Mika nod his head. "Tomorrow, Don't be late. I assure you, next time you run away from your responsibilities, I'll be sure to punish you. Be a man already and take your work like one. I might only be a model but you're only a simpleton pet. Don't get confused on our labels again." Mikas harsh tone made Yuu flinch, softly gulping as he nodded, a glare on his eyes.

But Mika didn't mean it- he wanted to actually help the other to gain what he wanted.

Obviously Yuuichiro didn't take it the right way, in fact he was beyond pissed. "You came here to apologize but seems you're looking for a damn fight Mikaela." He mumbled under his breath, rolling his eyes as he did. "Look, if thats all you had to say then please leave my home. I need to get ready to work." He stated as Mika only laughed "theres not much you need to prepare for, you're only serving coffee." Mikaela taunted.. but..

Yuuichiro didn't seem pissed off, actually he was quite relieved. If felt as if everything would go back to the way it was, not like he enjoyed being a servant. Buy it was better than nothing, and he truly didn't want any awkwardness in the room with Mikaela.

Mika noticed right away that Yuu stayed quiet, not retorting back or being his sassy self as always, just starring at Mika with the most soft eyes he's ever seen, it made his heart increase its beating..

"Just a little.." Mika mumbled to himself, knowing truly his heart beats were going quite fast. Yuu now seemed confused, as he witnessed the small mumbles Mika let out of his lips.

"Ah.. well anyways.. ill be heading off now, uhm see you soon" Mika said as he tried to ruffle his hair but it felt too awkward, so he just patted his shoulder, quickly walking off with a small gulp by the tension. Yuu felt surprised the other male had suddenly left in such a rush, what could a model be in such a hurry for?

Yuuichiro was quite saddened as well, wanting the other to have stayed a bit longer. "What? No i didn't, of course not!" He kept denying to himself over and over as he rubbed the back of his head. "Better get a last good drink before having to work in hell again." he mumbled with a grumble.

"But ill make sure to not be a damn pet any longer."

Uhm- guess im alive 😅


Im very sorry to have taken so long, there were just so many factors that just led me on about and not update in sooo long! I probably lost so many readers. 😫 Thank you anyone and everyone whos been patient and still even have this story on their reading lists. I just hope i can continue with this story, even if i dont have any idea what im doing, ill come up with something though!

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