Spider facts

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This one will make you cringe! Read at your own risk! The photo above shows a town which woke up one morning to it being covered with spiderwebs!

1. The black widow spider got its name from the female eating the male after mating. If the female decides she's not hungry the male will place himself in her jaws to encourage her to eat him.

2. When tarantulas feel threatened they fling off tiny hairs called urticating hairs, from their rear end. The hairs act as miniature porcupine quills.

3. Most spiders shave water repellent hairs that allow them to survive short periods of time underwater.

4. Small spiders use a technique called ballooning. They normally get carried by a breeze a few feet at a time. When it is really windy spiders have been found on ships nearly 1000 miles out at sea.

5. Some spiders prefer to live in communities and work together to create huge webs. The webs can cover anything from trees to entire towns.

6. Hundreds of spider species have evolved to look exactly like ants.

7. The jumping spider as able to jump 50 times their own body length.

8. Spiders are able to survive in space.

9. Spiders' silk is stronger than steel.

10. If you go into the woods you will be surrounded by 2.5 million spiders per acre.


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