7. Getting A Grip

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"So let me get this straight: you slipped and accidentally fell under a bottle of water?"

Sophie regarded me suspiciously as I attempted to dry off my uniform under the hotel hairdryer. 

"Yup!" I nodded emphatically.

"And so did Daniel?"

"Mhmmmm " I nodded again like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Although she couldn't have been any older than I was, Sophie appeared to have taken me under her wing and I was grateful for it. I had a feeling I was going to need all the help I could get if I was going to survive my first weekend on the front line.

Fortunately the state of my shirt appeared to have escaped Anna's attention. Admittedly everything had taken place after my shift had finished but I had a feeling that wouldn't have counted for much with the Red Bull logo so clearly emblazoned across my front and back.

"But you're DEFINITELY not interested?" Sophie persisted.

"Nope, if you want to go after him he's all yours" I grinned at her "besides after today I don't have the energy to go chasing anyone, least of all a guy in a racing car".

"You do realise today was just the warmup don't you? The real VIPs aren't even arriving until tomorrow."

I stifled a groan. Having witnessed first hand the attitude of some of the garage's wealthier clientele back home, I wasn't looking forward to dealing with any 'proper' celebrities, or the wealthy socialites who could buy their way into anywhere.

"I'm gonna sleep well tonight" I exclaimed, giving up on the shirt with disgust and making a beeline for the bed. Sophie was already heading for the exit, no doubt glad that her babysitting duties were over for one day. 

" I hope so" she called over her shoulder - "don't forget we're on the breakfast shift first thing"

"Wait, you're kidding right....RIGHT?"

Her laughter coupled with the sound of the closing door drowned out any answer she might have given me. 


It might only have been mid afternoon on the Sunday, but already the walls resounded with chatter and laughter. The guests had clearly been well fed, although some in particular appeared to have consumed a lunch of a more liquid variety. 

"Excuse me gents" I greeted the noisiest table as brightly as I could manage as I leaned over to clear yet another round of empty glasses. What it would be like once we got into the European races and occupied the massive party station...sorry ENERGY station I could only imagine. This table in particular appeared to have been enjoying themselves more than most post-race, and I'd been in almost constant attendance on them for the past couple of hours. 

"Hey WATCH IT!" I threatened, wheeling round menacingly, to confront the owner of the hand that had been wandering somewhere it shouldn't. 

"What's the matter darlin'?" 

He looked vaguely familiar, maybe minor rock band material with his deliberately dishevelled locks and grungy yet expensive clothes. The alcohol breath was unavoidable, a poisonous cloud that hung in the air threatening to suffocate anyone within range, not that this justified his behaviour in any way. 

His hand still hadn't moved - he clearly wasn't getting the hint and I was damned if I was going to let him get away with it.  

"I'm warning you"

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