9. Hot Competition

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Right! This is half of what turned into an absolutely massive chapter which I started writing at least 5 years ago, probably more and which I've probably bodged horrendously to get it to a point where I can actually share it instead of wasting it. Lets skip the waffle and get on with it shall we or I'll never get anywhere with this...

After the drama of the opening couple of races (on and off the track) The Bahrain GP felt relatively normal in comparison. JD produced an acceptable but unspectacular performance in the Red Bull car, finishing in 9th, two places behind Daniel. It was another points finish but not what the team had been hoping for after the heroics of the previous season - this car was well down on basic pace compared to rival machines and round the garage, heads were starting to drop.

What I hadn't factored in was the way that this particular team liked to boost morale

"A Kart Challenge??"

I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of the enormous Formula One egos trying to fold themselves into go-karts for a change. Hell I remembered the amount of adjustments I'd had to make to mine as I made a rather impressive teenage growth spurt. Maybe these ones were bigger - it had been a long time since I'd watched a race let alone sat in one. 

I might have been laughing but the rest of the team seemed to be taking the whole thing rather seriously. There was a buzz around Milton Keynes where the team were based, and whispers of scores to settle from the previous year. Red Bull didn't do things by half - most of the regular journalists had been invited too along with an impressive array of senior personnel and brand ambassadors. Of course the lowly hospitality squad would be working the event, not racing it, but hopefully we would be close enough to enjoy the atmosphere and maybe even watch some of the fun. 


The day itself was typical for a British spring - it was grey! Much to Jimmy's displeasure instead of staying with the staff like I had been at the Grand Prix weekends, we were sharing one of the team-owned apartments near Red Bull HQ. I got the feeling they were hoping I'd keep him out of mischief during the break. So much for that - as I exited the car I could already see his eyes light up at the sight of a pair of incredibly attractive women welcoming the guests. 

"See you later then" I called over my shoulder as I headed off to find the tradesman's entrance but he was already gone. 


A different but familiar male voice was calling my name and I turned to greet Christian Horner with a puzzled wave.

"Aren't you suiting up?"

"It's work not play for me today Christian, you should know - its what you hired me for" I pointed out with a smile. 

"Come on - room for one more" there was mischief in his eyes and I wondered fleetingly if someone had put him up to this. Alex? The guy was still persisting but the more swagger he added to each attempt the harder I resisted. 

"You're not exactly helping me to fit in here!" I pointed out, suddenly aware of how it would look if Christian started showing favouritism among the staff. 

"No but it looks better for us if we have more women taking part and rumour has it you've been in one of these before"

"Yeah, kinda"

So that was it - a PR stunt. I should have known there was some ulterior motive, after all that was the only reason I had a job to begin with. 

"I'm not hearing a no" Christian continued.

"I'm not even sure I'm allowed to say no to you" I pointed out, allowing myself to be steered towards the changing rooms.

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