2. Testing Times

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"Luuuuuke...I need to ask a favour"

I smiled sweetly down at the pair of work boots sticking out from under the stricken Honda and waited for their owner to emerge.


His blackened face finally rolled towards me, breaking into a broad grin as he noticed the almost bucket-sized mug of tea I was clutching in my right hand. Whether he would also discover the packet of biscuits hidden behind my back would depend on the answer. 

I shuffled from foot to foot and tried to appear angelic. 

"I need a couple of days off"

The devil in me omitted the 'please', suddenly realising that if Luke said no then this whole situation could still be avoided.

"Got something special planned?" I THINK Luke raised his eyebrows, although under all the muck and motor oil it was hard to tell.

"Brother has a test for a new race drive next month, nothing major but it's a bit of a step up so he asked if I'd go along" 

"Oh yeah?" he was interested now "anyone I've heard of?"

"Probably not"  I shrugged, anxious to play it down. If the lads found exactly where I was going and why I'd never hear the end of it. "Want me to take it as holiday or can I make it up to you?"

"Work an extra weekend and we'll call it even?"

"You know I will" 

"I know you will" he agreed, standing up and accepting the tea with a satisfied smack of his lips. 

"Thanks Luke, I guess you've earned these too" I looked around in vain for somewhere clean to leave the biscuits, fortunately they were still wrapped. Finally sandwiching them between a tool box and an unidentified wheel rim I turned to take my leave of the workshop.


"Yeah?" I paused at the door and glanced back over my shoulder.

"Tell that boy that if he ever needs a decent mechanic..."

"To go somewhere else!" I finished for him, ducking the chamois cloth as it followed his laughter across the room.


The Silverstone paddock was heaving  - it wasn't just the Red Bull team that were running this week, most of the grid were making the most of a rare testing opportunity.The Toro Rossos were present too of course, I had already spotted Jimmy's old friend and rival Ross Hartfield in the other garage as we walked by. Up and down the pit lane the cars were being readied for the morning session as old and new faces waited for the green light.

Anxious to stay out of the way I headed towards the back of the Red Bull space where other guests were beginning to gather. Someone was already in the car, visor down, the mechanics buzzing round him like bees around a honeypot. The atmosphere was heavy with anticipation and nerves. 

I looked around for J as the car sped out on it's first run. Hopefully he was in the middle of a briefing or undergoing some last minute preparation rather than taking a nap somewhere. His simulator times had been good. Not spectacular but promising at least, if only he could keep it up when he got in the car. I knew my brother. Raw speed he had by the bucket load but concentration and focus had always been my strength not his. 


The voice came out of nowhere. Was he talking to me? I'd been so distracted by my own thoughts that I'd barely registered the car's return to the pits, or the progress of the dark haired Red Bull driver in my direction. 

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