Chapter 2 - A Bite For A Bite

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PLEASE READ! - If you want to read the restricted chapter of Sky and Klaus's first time. (for all of you who demanded a good $ex scene) - please read the restricted chapter on my profile before reading chapter 2.

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                                                          Chapter 2 - A bite for a bite.

                                                                     Sky's POV

     I felt myself becoming more and more aware of my surroundings as I slowly began to wake up. Yawning I looked around and as I stretched, it all came flooding back to me. I'd just lost my virginity to the person I love. I smiled slightly to myself and rolled over to see him beside me, only to find he wasn't there. I frowned, and went to get up only to fall back as I felt the un-comfortable sourness down below. I rubbed my eyes and decided to just lay here- the sourness wasn't even that bad - I just didn't want to get up. I was about to call out for him to lay with me, when I noticed the bright light coming from the en-suite. I saw movement and grinned to myself as my eyes freely checked out my sexy naked man. He was searching through the cupboard above the sink - giving me, might-I-add a perfect view of his a*s.

     ***Where the hell are the bubble bath, petals and candles, girls are supposed to have in a bathroom?!** I bit my lip, to stop myself from laughing as he just about yelled his thoughts to his parents.

***Of course we don't have any of that gooey romantic sh*t, do I look like a man who'd light candles up around a bath? Your mother and I are more of the shower type. - So much more spacious... if you know what I mean. If you wanted to go all romantic for her first time, you should have f*cked her at your place***  

My eyes widened as a blush flamed red on my cheeks from hearing Mr Iversons reply. They knew, they knew me and Klaus did the dirty at their house! Oh this is embarrassing! I thought to myself as I rolled over and buried my face in the pillow.

I laid there, not wanting to ruin his surprise when I heard him turn off the bath water, I closed my eyes and waited for him to come and 'wake me,' I tried my best to put on a sleeping display, but as he stopped walking at the end of the bed. I wondered whether he'd seen through my facade.

I felt the end of the bed dip slightly with weight, and it took all I had not to open my eyes as I felt the bottom of the duvet being lifted up. Then felt as he placed a hand on the side of my legs to support his weight, as the other pulled the cover back over him.

I bit my lip as I turned on my back.

"Wake up, baby" He murmured and I felt his lips trail kisses up my leg as he crawled himself further up my body. Passing my thigh, and up my hip to my stomach. He lingered there for a while slowly moving his lips up to my chest.

I shook my head and placed a hand to my forehead. He's doing this on purpose. He's making me crazy for him! I thought he had run a bath, so why is he doing this now?! However much I tried I couldn't get the memories of our first time out of my head. It was perfect, the way he made me feel so safe, how he spilled his heart out to me; reminding me just why I fell for him in the first place, before finally, truly claiming me as his. It was the most beautiful and romantic thing that had ever happened to me, - as cheesy as it sounds, it was true.

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